Past Lives We’d Rather Forget

Picture a teenage party circa 1974, some time around midnight. The underage drinkers are in rare form. Two  girls–one tall and blond, the other short and dark–break away and find a quiet spot to talk. What do they discuss? Boys? Sex? Fashion? Gossip? No, enjoying a Boone’s Farm wine glow, these two take on the mysteries of the universe . They embark on the subject of reincarnation and talk until dawn’s early light.

Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past LivesWell, it’s almost forty years later and now those girls are grandmothers and STILL talking about reincarnation. Sue and I, now part of the self-dubbed Supernal Friends, recorded a new POD cast this weekend. We discussed reincarnation and focused on the material we’d read in Lois Wetzel’s book, Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives.

You’d think after forty years we’d run out of something to say. But not so! And we have fun. Listening to the play back, I thought we sounded like a metaphysical version of the CAR GUYS from NPR radio.

So, if you’re in the mood for an entertaining 20 minutes listening to ideas about reincarnation, Akashic Record Reading, and other such metaphysical subjects as them, hop over the Hello From Heaven page at Supernal Friends and listen to the show we’re calling PAST LIVES WE’D RATHER FORGET.


Dana Taylor

3 comments on “Past Lives We’d Rather Forget

  1. Hey kiddo – it was actually circa 1972 (our senior year of high school). In 1974 you were at college and I got engaged. Just sayin…

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