Seeking Spirituality in Films– Producer Stephen Simon

Be sure to catch MOVIE ADDICT HEADQUARTERS host Betty Jo Tucker Internet radio interview with film producer Stephen Simon on her Blog Talk Radio show Tuesday, March 11,  2014 at 4 pm Eastern Standard Time. Spiritually themed films are hard to find. Catch the interview here:

Legendary producer Stephen Simon, whose acclaimed movies include Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come, shares his picks for the most uplifting films of all time during this special episode. Simon will also talk about his new movie The Address of Happiness as well as Bringing Back the Old Hollywood, his latest book and current project.

Simon’s other books are Spiritual Cinema and The Force Is With You, which explores over 70 movies that deal with such important topics as the nature of love, the meaning of life and death, the concept of time and space, and the visions of our future.

In addition to the Academy Award Winning What Dreams May Come and the classic Somewhere in Time, Simon produced All the Right Moves and served as an executive producer on fan favorite Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. A veteran of many years in the movie business, Simon has also produced his share of non-spiritual movies, including Smokey and the Bandit, Murder by Death and Body of Evidence. 

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