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My interview with Ellis Nelson made the cut. Thanks, Richard the Third!

Richard the Third

10439379_10152800158117536_4066483237410852699_n If you wanna buy one of these, contact me.

Now that the “blogs i’m following” section of this page is pretty lively, I wanted to take some time to highlight some of the best stuff on other people’s pages. Here we go:

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Authentic Beauty Revealed by Chris Scott

Today, I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 4 of Chris Scott’s Virtual Blog Tour. Chris’ book Face With a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty MakeUp is celebrating its big Amazon launch on June 2nd, 2015.

CHRIS SCOTT, M.A. is the creator of San Francisco-based Makeup Gourmet®. Over his nearly 30-year career, in addition to doing makeup for top models from every corner of the planet, he has also had the honor of working for legends like Paul McCartney, US Vice President Al Gore, Shirley Temple Black, Maya Angelou and Olympic Gold medalists Oksana Baiul and Kristi Yamaguchi. He was the creator and host of the TV show Makeup Gourmet from 2008 to 2010, he was a leading Chanel Beauté national artist for over two decades, and is also the creator and guest teacher of Fashion Makeup at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He created his unique Makeup Gourmet line to ensure his clients and the public have access to high-quality, ethically produced, ‘green’ makeup and skincare with a low-carbon footprint. Chris is also the author of the wonderfully visual ‘how to’ book Face with a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Makeup (2014), as well as Cosmetic Counter Survival Guide: How to Buy the Right Skin Care and Makeup (2003). 

Yesterday, Chris visited Callie Carling at where they talked about how light affects the way we look, and regaining confidence through authentic beauty.

Today, I’d like to share a recent interview I had with Chris when I got to ask him some questions on authentic beauty for the older generation, and the keys to maintaining healthy skin as we age.


Dana: When you are discussing “authentic beauty,” what do you really mean by that phrase?

CHRIS:  This was a very difficult word to land on.  I wrestled with many words to capture what I wanted to convey.  My authentic beauty method came from a reaction of seeing makeup being way overused. Unless you want someone to notice your makeup first (which is easy), I have made it my makeup mission to create a method so that we are seen more clearly. Authentic beauty is people seeing us for exactly who we are.

Dana:  I’ve noticed that many of my 60ish friends are simply giving up using makeup. The faces and colors we thought of as “us” are no longer there. What suggestions do you have for women who are heading into their greying years for revealing their authentic beauty?

CHRIS:  Color intensity is a major part of my authentic beauty equation. I look at color first from lightness to darkness, then at the hue. There are two factors I consider when choosing color.

  1. Your natural color intensity meaning the lightness to darkness of your skin, hair and eye (iris) color.
  2. I then look at wardrobe and accessories for color intensity as well as hue.

I incorporate the two together to create a cohesive connection between you, your wardrobe and your makeup. I don’t use more or less makeup to create a natural to dramatic look; I only change the intensity of the color I am using in contrast with your natural color intensity and your wardrobe. Sounds a little confusing I know. Once you read Face with a Heart and watch my companion video tutorials, it becomes abundantly clear. The best part is that this approach removes all guesswork and replaces it with clear, dynamic decisions.

Dana:  Charles Revson is quoted as saying he sold “hope in a bottle.” I’ve purchased a lot of “hope” through the years! If you could name the most vital key to maintaining healthy skin as we age, what would it be?

CHRIS:  Exfoliation! Regardless of age, our skin has a 30-day life cycle from skin cell birth until each skin cell leaves us forever. Gently massaging away the surface dead skin cells (exfoliation) sends a message and makes way for new skin cells to be born. The healthiest climate you can provide for your skin cells to flourish in its 30-day cycle from life to departure makes the skin cell look its best when it finally makes it appearance at the surface of your skin. This includes hydration (moisturizer), sun protection (applied last before makeup) and anti-oxidants (more the better). 

I gave my sister a bottle of my Age Defying Serum and she asked if it will make her look younger. I pondered her query and thought, “What does young skin look like?”  Young skin is an abundance of fresh healthy round skin cells full of water and light at the surface of the skin. It made me happy to say, “Yes!” Healthy skin is like a healthy garden. Daily care produces the healthiest results.


I hope you enjoyed this interview with Chris Scott and that you’ll check out his book Face With a Heart: Mastering Authentic Beauty Make-Up during his big Amazon launch on June 2nd.  When you buy the book during the launch, you’ll receive dozens of free gifts from Chris, and his friends and colleagues. You can CLICK HERE to find out more about the book and these free gifts.

One of the gifts when you buy the book is the MP3 downloads to Chris’ 3-Day Telesummit ‘The Keys to Feeling Authentically Beautiful’, with fabulous panel of 11 internationally renowned image experts.

To receive a reminder to buy this book on launch day
so you can get all the authentic beauty bonus gifts, go to


If you’d like to catch more of Chris’ Virtual Blog tour, ‘visit’ him at these dates and places:

WEDNESDAY MAY 27thAndrew Mondia’s Pear-Shaped View Blog at where they will talk about how beauty is for everyone, inner beauty, and seeing yourself through the eyes of others.

THURSDAY MAY 28th: Tina Games’ Moonlight Musings blog at where they will talk about authentic beauty, believing you are beautiful, and the difference between ‘classic’ and ‘authentic’ beauty makeup.

FRIDAY MAY 29th: Callie Carling’s Cancer Goddess blog at  where they will talk about how light affects the way we look, and regaining confidence through authentic beauty.

SATURDAY MAY 30TH:  Dana Taylor’s Supernal Living blog at where they will discuss authentic beauty for the older generation, and the keys to maintaining healthy skin as we age.

SUNDAY MAY 31ST: Michelle Galatoire’s Nourish and Bloom blog at where they will talk about being seen authentically in public, and how to see ourselves the way other people see us.

MONDAY JUNE 1ST: Mali Apple’s and Joe Dunn’s The Soulmate Experience at where they will talk about tapping into our own beauty, and why authentic beauty is unrelated to our age.

TUESDAY JUNE 2nd: Lynn Serafinn’s Spirit Authors blog at where they’ll be talking about how to choose visual images for a full-colour book, working with a photographer, and how ‘crossover’ authors can communicate their message to their audience.

Thanks for reading! Please share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback.


Many thanks to the gracious Ellis Nelson for the interview posted on her website.



I met Dana through the Visionary Fiction Alliance and recently enjoyed reading her book, Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping intoHealing Energy. She is an award winning author and healer. Her book describes her journey as a healer in the Christian tradition and how she eventually became a Reiki practitioner. Although I will focus on her non-fiction book, Dana also has several novels available. Today I welcome her to talk about her work and life experience.

Thank you, Ellis, for inviting me to chat today. These days my life involves writing, healing, and enjoying what I call the Supernal Adventure as we’ve entered this amazing post-2012 cosmic era.


 Do you see healing as a calling or can anyone train to become a healer?

Both. Some people incarnate with a life mission primarily geared toward healing in some capacity. However, learning to channel healing energy is something everyone can learn. As…

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He’s Still Here, A Warrior’s Tribute

by Dana Taylor

Dedicated to My Dad, Dale Rojas



The old man stumbles, about to fall.

To strangers he’s barely a man, no one at all.

Just a stick figure, bent and confused,

Society’s discard in the heap of refuse.

His speech is garbled, a childish babble,

One more elder in the crowd of old rabble.

But look beyond the deterioration.

Old bones once defended a nation.

See in his eyes the trace of the soldier.

The body is aged, but the spirit no older.

Before the years of wife, children and work,

He reported for duty he never would shirk.

Marching from home at the outbreak of war,

He traveled to lands never seen much before.

A callow recruit full of bluster and youth,

He fought for liberty, freedom and truth.

The sights that he saw brought shock and dismay,

Burned into his memory day after day.

A boy caught in battle, unsure and green,

Transformed through war to a mighty Marine.

Forever changed, forever the fighter,

Now time is the enemy, it pulls the noose tighter.

He faces life with a warrior’s heart.

Each day is a battle, right from the start.

He won’t give in to helpless despair,

Won’t use a cane or a smooth wheeling chair.

His walk may wobble as he strolls round the block.

His fierce independence comes as a shock.

The old man knows death, struggle and fear.

Look closely, you’ll see, the Marine is still here

He’s Still Here Copyright © 2004 Dana Taylor. All Rights Reserved


Ever-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation & Me



GAIAM TV For the Supernal Adventurer

th-2I recently purchased an Amazon Fire Stick that turned my plain old basic cable into a major entertainment center. Unfortunately, despite having thousands of Amazon video, NetFlix, PBS, and TED Talks to choose from, I still wasn’t feeling the love. There’s only so much murder, sex, profanity, lectures, animal videos, and stupid human behavior I can take.

What’s a Supernal Girl to do? Download GAIAMTV.COM! Gaiam has grown from a fitness video company to a major producer of transformational programming. For the same $8 monthly cost as Netflix, you can view the quirky, quantum, and cosmic. There is also a variety of full length movies with spiritual themes. Plus, the Gaiam Yoga library is available to stream, which is great. No more moving to the same DVD over and over until it freezes and dies.

Some of the programs are unpolished and low budget, but slick isn’t always better. Intriguing information can be delivered on a white board with markers and a brilliant mind. If you don’t like one program, you can jump to another.

Choose from:

Gaiam_Open-Minds_Regina-MeredithSo far I have enjoyed Open Minds with Regina Meredith the most. She is a good interviewer, sort of the New Age Diane Sawyer. I watched a mind-blowing conversation on walk-ins and another about a dark pyramid buried in Alaska that could power a country the size of Canada. Fascinating!

Let me state that I don’t believe everything I see as absolute truth and some things are too far out of my current world view to embrace, but exploring new ideas keeps life interesting.

So, if you’re tired of the murder, mayhem, and mindless on other platforms, give GAIAM TV a try.

Have a joyful day!

Dana Taylor

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Another fascinating article from Ellis Nelson.


Francis Schlatter

At the turn of the last century, a French cobbler took up residence in Denver. He was a quiet unassuming man who plied his trade until he had a transformative experience in which he was told by “the Father” to give up his business and devote his life to healing. He spent the next two years wandering the American West. His first efforts at healing began in California with the Indians of the San Jacinto Valley. By July 1895, he was in Albuquerque treating hundreds who gathered for his hands-on treatment.

Francis Schlatter lived simply refusing all forms of payment. He taught no new doctrine and healed by grasping the hands of the sufferer. Sometimes he was overheard to say The Lord’s Prayer, but a good portion of his healings was done in silence. He healed the blind, the deaf, the lame, and all sorts of maladies while…

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