Lightworker Call to Action

Hi everyone:

I’m riding out the shut down in my lava cave apartment on Oahu overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Yeah, some people have all the luck. This week the Supernal Friends had a most interesting Skype session. Some intriguing information came through regarding the current global situation. The most expedient method of giving you the information seemed to be a via video. I’ve entitled it Lightworker Call to Action. You can view it on my YouTube Channel here:

This is a time when Lightworkers can put their talents and skills to good use. This is the time we have been waiting for, as difficult as that may seem. We can play a significant part in bringing calm and healing to the planet. Finding our connections to Spirit and doing the work we’ve been trained to do can focus the higher vibration necessary to override the lower frequencies of disease and fear. To that end, I offer some inspiration by giving away my book, SUPERNAL ADVENTURES, in the Kindle Store. FREE through March 25.

US Kindle Store

UK Kindle Store

A perfect way to get into the healing vibration is with a transmission from Steve Nobel Wellness Shield Meditation: Calling on Gaia and Angelic Assistance for the Global Pandemic 2020 

Sending you the highest vibration of Peace and Love.

Bright Blessings–


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