Dana Taylor is a Reiki Master and bestselling Amazon author. 

What is “Supernal Living?” 

From Dana Taylor:
“Supernal” is defined as belonging to the heaven of divine beings and of more than human or earthly powers. If you are someone who has a keen awareness of spiritual matters, a curiosity of otherworldly phenomena, an open mind about “truth,” you may be a Supernal Adventurer.
Here at Supernal Living you will find posts about Multidimensional Living, Reiki, Energy Healing, Reincarnation, Book and Film Reviews, Spirituality and more! Browse the categories box and see what pops up.
In my view, Supernal Living implies awareness of the Divine in everyday living. Join me in an exploration of spirituality, healing energy, visionary arts and wonder. Join the Supernal Adventure!

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Listen to the Prologue of Ever-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation & Me

Supernal Series Books 1 & 2 ~ Join the Supernal Adventure!


Contact Info:

 E-Mail: supernalfriends@yahoo.com

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Dana Taylor

Supernal Living with Dana Taylor

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