Ever-Flowing Streams Excerpt

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The Adventure Begins


I sat down for lunch that summer day of 2005 feeling perfectly fine. Gazing out my dining room window, I enjoyed watching a pair of squirrels frolic along the fence between the giant oaks in my Oklahoma backyard. In the living room, the television hummed a Sunday afternoon football game. My husband would soon be snoring. I read a book and munched a few potato chips with my sandwich.

With no warning, pain shot up my neck and into my jaw. Ignore it. I took another bite. More pain, instant swelling below my ear.

Great, just what I need, I thought. Another attack.

Though I hadn’t experienced a full blown attack in several years, I recognized the familiar symptoms. Swollen glands and shooting pain that made eating impossible. I puzzled over what had set it off. Some might say “food allergy.” But after forty years experience, I knew the physical symptoms were merely a manifestation of a spiritual mystery.

As I sat cradling my sore neck, staring at my uneaten lunch, I heard a command in my head. Go see that woman. This has something to do with a past life. Go see that woman.

Oh, for heaven’s sake. I flipped the book I’d been reading over and gazed at the cover—One Soul, Many Lives by Roy Stemman. The book chronicled case studies of reincarnation. Brother, was I prone to the power of suggestion, or what?

My spiritual and intellectual curiosity had led me to many subjects, including reincarnation. It wasn’t a new concept to me. I’d read quite a few of the popular books during the 1970’s. There’s a certain fundamental sense of order and justice about karma.

Didn’t Jesus say “As you sow, so shall you reap”? Isn’t Dr. Laura always popping off about accepting the consequences of our actions? Reincarnation turns life into one big game of “Truth or Consequences” through time and space.

Still, wondering about reincarnation was sort of like pondering alien abductions. Maybe they were real, but I hadn’t personally been picked up by a UFO in a corn field.


Reluctant Patient

As my neck throbbed, I wasn’t in the mood to ponder either ET’s or Eastern philosophy. Another attack was upon me and it hurt like hell. Going to a regular doctor wouldn’t help. I’d been down that road many times before.

The thought commanded me again. GO SEE THAT WOMAN!

“That Woman” was an English New Agey therapist named Helen. My friend, Kathy, had been seeing Helen for Reiki energy therapy. During treatments Helen had told Kathy of past life experiences causing trouble today. According to this Helen person, my friend’s swallowing problems originated from being hanged in a previous incarnation. Her sore feet supposedly echoed the lifetime in China when her feet were bound.

Now, I really like Kathy, but I thought she was gullible. The therapist sounded a little too wacky for me.

GO SEE THAT WOMAN was not a command I wanted to obey.

I decided to handle the situation as I had done in the past–ask for some prayer and take anti-inflammatory medicine. Going to some dubious “therapist” was not going to happen.

So, that night I went to bed for a fitful sleep with my aching neck and the determination to tough it out. Somewhere around dawn I stirred, groggy and grumpy. My face felt oddly stiff. I sensed a matted eye.

Oh, great, add pink eye to the mix.

That was a new one. I stumbled into the bathroom, switched on the light and turned toward the mirror. I expected to see yellow, crusty matting.

Imagine my shock seeing blood. Caked blood surrounded my left eye. I peered closer. On the inside fresh blood welled up. I was tearing blood. Good grief. In forty years of attacks, that had never happened before.

Again I heard the command. GO SEE THAT WOMAN!

Okay, I knew how to take a hint.


Amazon Reviews:

“A book written as a guide for those who are seeking answers and an understanding of the mysteries of prayers; working with healing energies; mastering healing techniques; making that connection to Source; and about trials and tribulations of working with healing energies within a faith based context.” Technician Pat

“This is a book quite unlike any other I have read about energy medicine. It is an important book because it is a bridge between those still trapped in the fearful aspect of Christianity and those involved the world of spiritual healing, or energy medicine. Dana Taylor says many things I have often said to my clients about Jesus and his healing abilities. He clearly said the things he did we could do and greater. We can all tap into that energy stream of healing ability if we are not locked out of it by “Christian trepidation,” or fear of things not understood by ourselves, Christian friends, family or pastors.” Sage

“This book is a must read for everyone as we will all either experience some sort of pain or illness in our lives or know of someone who does.” tamntn


Ever-Flowing Streams is available at Amazon as E-Book and Paperback Version

5 comments on “Ever-Flowing Streams Excerpt

  1. Dear Dana: I love the phrase “never ending streams”. It places the credit for “supernatural healing” outside of the faith practitioners and sets the bar for receiving physical blessing on an inner scale of honesty. There has been a lot of hype connected with Spirit power that has produced fear and cynicism, and we are all the losers. It is encouraging to read your account.

    • Hi Blair– Yes, I think we’ve thrown out the baby with the bath water when it comes to understanding the healing energies. I’ve had to seek new terminology because terms like “faith healing” and even “prayer” have taken on a lot of negative baggage. Thanks for your comments and encouragement!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your story Dana. I too work with energy as a Medical Intuitive and Reiki practitioner. I went through the painful process of patient heal thyself after having a stroke a couple of years ago. It’s a true lesson to use your resources for your own healing journey. Keep up the good work. Namaste.

    • Hi– I’ve seen some scalar energy products at some expos. A few years ago I purchased an orgone energy tower. How effective these items are, I have no idea. My orgone tower is pretty, but it may have just been like buying magic beans. On the other hand, when I go to the Integrative Health Center in Honolulu and spend an hour in the scalar energy room, I can definitely feel the energy waves rippling around me. It fosters an altered state of consciousness I can’t really describe. Something between a dream and strong meditation. What’s happening on a physical level, I can’t say. I’m taking it on faith and research that scalar energy treatments are good for my health.

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