Cynthia V.–“Dana is an extremely gifted medical intuitive.  I am curently dealing with a number of health challenges and Dana has been able to tune in and identify every challenge I am currently faced with.  With every Reiki treatment I feel better.   I would highly recommend Dana to those looking for alternative healing treatments as well as those who wish to supplement their current medical treatment with holistic medicine.”
Joan C.–“Dana healed a chronic digestion issue that had plagued me for 16 years and caused me to eat a very limited diet to avoid stomach pain and painful cystic acne.  I was told it was in my head for many years.  Well, after several sessions with Dana, I am happy to say that whatever it was is gone  I can eat whatever I want now.  I am very grateful to have received Dana’s services and hope that others in pain will find her, just as I did.  Highly recommended.”
Carolyn C.–“I have been blessed to meet Dana and be treated to a Reiki session in her comfortable and inviting, sacred space. Dana’s down to earth, friendly demeanor puts you at ease and allows you to relax and open up to the healing energy of Reiki. I am new to Reiki, so I cannnot compare, but I can tell you that Dana posesses obvious gifts. She is intuitive and picked up on many physical issues without prompting and also some emotional ones I wasn’t exactly in touch with. Sometimes during a session she will tell me something, and later it will click as to what that pertains to and then we see how it affects my life and how it can be cleared.  
      I can only tell you that for weeks after a session with Dana, I feel physically and emotionally charged and cleansed. I have coined the phrase, “I am so Zen”, after one of her sessions. That’s how it feels, as if, in the space of an hour she took away my hurry, worry, constant tape track of ever playing anxieties and replaced it with peace and vitality. I have a hard time meditating due to this constant buzzing, but with a couple sessions with Dana, I am evolving.  I truly feel that she has helped me awaken to my true authentic self and assists me to transcend the every day and connect with a Higher Power. 
      I have physically felt the energy going through me and it is completely spiritual and invigorating and peaceful at the same time. At times it is overwhelming and my heart swells with emotion and energy and Love that brings me to tears of joy. I haven’t felt that connected to The Spirit in a long while even though I say my daily prayers without fail and try to live a grateful life.  I pray while she works on me, and she does too, and I feel so connected with The Creator and with the Universe.  Dana also has a lot of knowledge about Reiki about health and herbs and nutrition and helpfullly shares it.  Dana’s humble attitude and credit to The Creator, are refreshing and inspiring. I also find her a joy to be around and feel like I have spent the afternoon with a very good girlfriend.
     Thank you, Dana, for answering the call and sharing your gifts.” 
 A note from Dana Taylor: I am not currently set up for private Reiki sessions. However, I spend time daily sending distance healing energy to various people and locations. If you would like me to send you healing energy, you may leave a comment in the top post on my Supernal Living Facebook page. 

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