“Journey of the Awakened Heart”

Channelled material appears to be coming through more people as we continue in this interesting era of global spiritual development. In Journey of the Awakened Heart, professional photographer Jeff Fasano shares the messages he has received as a channel for the Archangel Michael.
    As we have walked our pathways on the journey of self-mastery we have read many books that have given us valuable information and concepts to think about and we have stored much of this in our minds. Now, many of us are wondering, “What’s next? What do we do with all of the information?” “How do I incorporate these concepts in my life?” The next step is to bring what we have stored in our minds into our hearts, so that we may actually live from it.
Journey of the Awakened Heart is a book that does just this. It contains the teachings of Archangel Michael that in detail guides us step by step to move within our heart to discover who we are, our talents and gifts and our passion and purpose in this lifetime. Contained within it’s pages are messages and lessons that give us tools to put into practice what we have learned so we can love ourselves more and live the life we say we want.
Michael plainly illuminates a path for us in this book. And if we follow it, we can move from being a silent observer of our life to becoming a willing, joyful and excited participant in it.
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