Holiday Stories

Bring a smile to your heart with these holiday tales of whimsy and love. New! ALOHA SANTA is now available in paperback and ebook at Amazon. Bonus! Enjoy Dana Taylor’s narration of the entire story on YouTube.

A perfect read aloud present for Christmas Eve!

There’s trouble at the North Pole! After five hundred years of snow, ice and polar bears, Mrs. Claus is ready for a change. But dear old Santa is pretty set in his ways. She may have to take drastic measures. “Aloha Santa” gives a merry new spin on the beloved Christmas characters with a fun verse and bright, charming illustrations.
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Devil Moon

Moon madness and a meddling ghost bring together two unlikely lovers.

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Ain’t Love Grand?

The Healer vs. the Lawyer. A small town turned upside down on their path to love.

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Hope for the Holidays

Get into the holiday spirit with three magical short stories

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Amazon Customer Review for Hope For the Holidays “This book is so aptly entitled as it is indeed full of hope – and not just for the holidays. While the stories themselves are centered around the holiday season, the hope and light that comes from them is something that you can carry with you throughout the year. That may sound corny but Dana Taylor does a great job bringing these characters to life – their edges a bit rough, their hubris in full force, their vulnerability so raw. In other words, folks just like you and me. I know I can imagine myself saying any number of these things to myself. But truly, these stories show us that with even a small amount of faith in ourselves and a certain amount of grit and grace we can all see our way clear to a life even better than we had ever imagined – no matter our circumstances or the era in which we live. Everyone loves a happy ending. But Hope for the Holidays shows us that we must grab it and hold on tight for the ride.”