Spiritual Experiences That Change Your Life

Have you experienced a Near-Death Experience (NDE), a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE), mystical experiences or simply have a spiritual curiosity? If so, you might want to know about Spiritual Awakenings International (SAI). Founded in 2020 by Dr. Yvonne Kason and Robert Bare, MPA, PHd, Spiritual Awakenings International is building a global network and community of individuals and groups interested in Spiritually Transformative Experiences. Dr. Kason’s career as a medical doctor was influenced by her dramatic Near-Death Experiences. In 1990 she became the first Canadian medical doctor to specialize her practice in the research and counseling of patients with diverse types of STEs. Too often people have been categorized as “crazy” and put on medications after sharing experiences that seem beyond the bounds of reality. While times are changing, many people still feel isolated and confused after STE’s. Spiritual Awakenings International offers a community-building forum and an educational platform. Experts and experiencers share their information and stories in a growing library of Zoom recordings. These are available for viewing at the SAI YouTube channel.


Each year SAI presents a two-day on-line conference with a variety of speakers and panels. Donations are requested to cover the costs, but registration is free. This year’s conference, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: THE DAWN OF CONSCIOUSNESS is June 10 and 11. Participants must register for each day separately to receive the Zoom link. Suggested Conference Donation $50 to $200 – Donate Now!

Saturday, June 10 Conference Schedule

The Conference starts at 8:30 AM Pacific Time, which is 11:30 AM Eastern Time, 4:30 PM in the UK, and Sunday, 3:30 AM in Auckland, NZ, 1:30 AM in Sydney Australia.

(All times listed below are in Pacific Time – PDT.)

8:30 AM PDT – Meditation – Brian Sackett – “Connecting with Spirit”

9 AM PDT – Mark Anthony – The NDE Zone: Connected by the Light from the Cosmic to the Subatomic”

10:30 PDT – Dr. Emma Bragdon – “How 20-40,000 Brazilian Spiritists Care for Individuals in Spiritual Emergency”

12 noon PDT – Supporting STE Experiencers Panel – Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada “Transe-Cognition: For a Coherent Hermeneutics of Spiritual Awakening” & Isabel Clark “Hope and Support for Travellers Between the Worlds: The Work of the UK Spiritual Crisis Network”

1:30 PM PDT – Jyoti Ma – “The Spiritual Emergence of Mother Earth”

3:00 PM PDT– Dr. Lawrence Edwards – “Kundalini Awakening: Maps of the Journey

4:30 PM PDT– NDE Experiencers Panel – Dr. Norma Edwards, Don Hoes, Dr. Louise Livingston, Lewis Brown Griggs

6:00 PM PDT – Spiritually Transformative Experiences/Consciousness Researchers Panel – Monique Rebelle, Dr. Danny Geren, Dr. Mona Sobhani, David Gerrelli

All events are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length, except the morning meditation that is 15 minutes long.  

There will be a 15 minute break between events.

Sunday, June 11 SAI Conference Schedule

The first English event begins at 10:00 AM Pacific Time, which is 1:00 PM Eastern Time, 6:00 PM in the UK, and Sunday, 5:00 AM in Auckland, NZ, 3:00 AM in Sydney Australia.

(All times listed below are in Pacific Time – PDT.)

8:15 AM PDT – Spanish Music: Roxana Río

8:30 AM PDT – Spanish Panel: Ana Cecilia González, Francisco Valentin, Dr. Ingrid Honkala, & AJ Parr 

10:00 AM PDT – Dr. Jeffrey Long – “Evidence of the Afterlife: Groundbreaking New Findings from the Largest Study of Near-Death Experiences Ever Reported”

11:30 AM PDT – Dr. Yvonne Kason – “Kundalini Awakening: A Universal Key to STEs & Expanded Spiritual States of Consciousness”

1:00 PM PDT – Spiritual Emergency Experiencers Panel – Sean Blackwell, Dr. Ann Berger-Knorr. Mariam J. Saleh Esq., and Ellen Drummonds Curtis

2:30 PM PDT – Anne Archer Butcher – “Miraculous Dolphin Rescue from Shark Attack – An Amazing Mystical Experience with Dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean”

4:00 PM PDT – Rob Schwartz – “Discover The Real Meaning of the Life You Planned BEFORE You Were Born”

5:30 PM PDT – STE Experiencers Panel – Dr. Jean MacPhail, Althea Watson, Kristin LeMaster, Dr. Sha’alah Ivory

Events are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length, except the morning music that is 15 minutes long.  

There will be a 15 minute break between events.

Visit Conference Website

Read all about the speakers and various offerings at the Spiritual Awakenings International Conference 2023 website. Registration for each day is required to receive the Zoom links. Cost is free, but donations are requested and appreciated.

She Returned from Heaven to Help Others

Book Review by Dana Taylor

On the beautiful Niagara Falls evening of November 8, 2003, Dr. Yvonne Kason slipped on a piece of black ice and hit her head on the hard rock of the walkway. A flash of excruciating head pain quickly dissolved as she died. Her consciousness rose from her body and entered non-physical realms where she met her spiritual gurus and reviewed all her past lives.The tale of that Near Death Experience (NDE) would be riveting on its own. However, in Dr. Kason’s book, Soul Lessons from the Light, that story comes late in the book because it is the fifth NDE of her remarkable life.

Yvonne Kason was born and raised in Canada. Though her childhood included mystical experiences, she pursued a career as a medical doctor and planned to have a standard Family Practice when she graduated from medical school in 1977. Those plans were dramatically altered in 1979 when she survived a small plane crash on a medevac flight over the frozen wilds of northern Ontario. She had to escape the sinking plane and swim through frigid water in heavy clothing to reach a small sacred island, far from civilization. In that harrowing escapade, her consciousness slipped from her swimming body and watched the drama unfold, even as she also visited heavenly realms. That Near Death Experience eventually became the material for her book, A Farther Shore, published in 1994, and put her in the national limelight. Dr. Kason expanded her medical practice to counseling for people who struggled with Near Death or other Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE’s), a phrase she coined that has been adopted into the common vernacular. She became a well-known speaker on talk shows, media interviews, and various conferences around the world.

While maintaining a high functioning professional life, Dr. Kason also developed a deeply devoted spiritual life through intense meditation practices and contemplative retreats. She experienced kundalini awakenings, visions, spiritual downloads, past life recall and pretty much all the clairs at one time or another. Thus, Soul Lessons from the Light is so much more than a spiritual memoir. It defines and explains a wide variety of mystical experiences. Chapter 10 lays out the abc’s of psychic/intuitive experience from “abstract intuition” to “UFO encounters.” Even though I’ve been studying mystical matters for decades, I had an ah-ha moment when I read her definition of a Kundalini Awakening and realized that was the name for something I experienced way back in 1983.

Because Dr. Kason has spent so many years helping people work through their life-changing spiritual experiences, she offers a perspective of professional guidance, even as she shares her very personal revelations.

Today, Dr. Kason is truly a walking miracle. For that 2003 fall on black ice caused a severe traumatic brain injury that left her disabled for thirteen years. The life she had carefully built, as a doctor, lecturer, author, and counselor completely disappeared. She struggled to perform basic physical and mental functions. Her income and ability to take care of her son became precarious. What she missed most was the ability to meditate and reach the blissful mental states she had known. Determination took her a long way toward recovery, but it was an eruption of liquid light in the center of her brain in 2016 during a meditation that healed her injury and allowed her to resume a high-powered life.

In 2020, she and Robert Bare, another NDE experiencer, were intuitively guided to co-found Spiritual Awakenings International (SAI), an organization dedicated to building a world-wide community of people who’ve had Spiritually Transformative Experiences. The SAI YouTube channel holds a growing library of fascinating people sharing their STE’s for the world to hear, often after decades of keeping their experiences a secret from family and friends for fear of being ridiculed or considered delusional. SAI’s third annual multi-speaker on-line conference is coming up on June 10-11, free to all (donations requested).

Soul Lessons from the Light opens the realms of heaven and earth for the spiritual seeker. As Dr. Kason says in her closing chapter:

Due to my personal experiences of multiple STE’s and miracles in my life, I know there is always hope for a better tomorrow. We must never lose hope. If we turn to the Higher Power in our hearts, the Divine hand might unexpectedly intervene, and invisibly reach out to offer assistance, healing, or guidance in our time of need.

Listen to Dr. Kason introduce her book and share the experience of her 2003 NDE at the Spiritual Awakenings International channel:

Find Soul Lessons from the Light at Amazon

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Moments of Mediumship with Helen

by Dana Taylor

I first met Helen Nibs in 2005 when I made an appointment for a Reiki treatment in her Oklahoma City office. The session literally changed my life, challenged my world view, and set me on a new path of exploration. You can read all about that in my book, Ever-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation & Me. Beyond all the events that unfolded, I gained a life-long friend in Helen.

Through the years, I watched Helen constantly developing her natural, extraordinary healing and psychic gifts. Besides her energy healing work, she discovered an affinity for spirit communication. She learned the craft of mediumship with some of the top teachers of the day, including Mavis Pattilla and James Van Praagh. She also connects to the guides of Akashic Records for invaluable life counseling. What I’ve come to appreciate about Helen’s gift, is her ability to deliver messages from the spirit realm that are precisely what someone needs to hear at that particular moment in time.

A few months ago I attended one of Helen’s Evening with Spirit World Zoom events. She limits the sessions to 20 participants, with the hope that each person will receive a pertinent message. The expectation is that Helen will be functioning as a medium connecting to loved ones who have passed over. I signed up for the event mainly to support Helen and to see how it would go. Personally, there’s no one on the Otherside that I have much desire to hear from. No great unfinished business at this point. I didn’t expect a message for me.

The session started out with what appeared to be a “miss” on Helen’s part. She said a boy in a baseball uniform was coming through very strongly. No one in the group could claim a connection. She moved on. New people or information came through, appropriately matched to each participant. Interestingly, it wasn’t just a parade of the dearly departed, though a few showed up. The most moving one was a woman who had died from cancer and came to thank the friend who had cared for her. But in another instance, Helen appeared to be more visionary, relating the connection to animals and nature of another participant. She delivered a message of encouragement from Spirit.

a powerful message to me: your prayers make a difference

Then, the boy baseball player showed up again. He was persistent. At that point, I realized the ball player message was for me, which was mind boggling, because the boy is still very much alive. You may recall a boy named Easton Oliverson who suffered a major head injury in 2022 when he fell from a top bunk at the Little League World Series. The press always displayed him in his baseball uniform. While I had never met Easton, I’d been praying and sending him healing energy quite intensely in the weeks after his accident. Though I maintain a faithful daily practice of meditation and distance healing work, I sometimes wonder if I’m accomplishing anything at all. I might simply be a delusional, dotty woman spinning daydreams. Helen’s impression of Easton delivered a powerful message to me: your prayers make a difference. It was just what I needed to hear at the time.

Seeing Helen hone in on each person, catch a thread of connection and reel in a message was impressive to watch. Her lilting English accent and kind demeanor is a balm to the hurting and confused. Helen exudes a healing energy that comes through the ether like a warm hug.

Her next Evening with Spirit World is Thursday, March 16th, for the extremely modest price of $20. I understand she still has some spaces available. The participants will have an experience they will long remember. If you act now, you might be one of them. Sign up HERE.

Learn more about Helen Nibs at her website Ripples of Light

Bright Blessings, Dana

Near Death Experience to Akashic Records

“There is more to life than meets the eye.” That’s the message Rev. Dr. Norma Edwards received for the world during her near-death experience at the age of 26. Now at age 80 she shares a lifetime of joy, pain, and spiritual wisdom in her autobiography, AWAKENING. Last month I happened to watch a Zoom presentation sponsored by a NDE group in Hawaii featuring Dr. Norma. The two hours went by quickly as she related not only her NDE, but also the insights into a life-long spiritual journey and destiny.

Born in Guyana, South America, her childhood was limited in worldly wealth, but filled with foundational influences of faith and integrity. Her father was a teacher who expected excellence in his daughter. Married by twenty, she and her husband took their infant child to London to pursue education and careers. The NDE at twenty-six fundamentally changed her, including the ability to then see auric colors of humans and music. A glimpse of her Akashic Records and several past lives took years to process. AWAKENING relates in an easy-read narrative all the milestones and miracles of her amazing life. Ultimately, she spent 27 years as a prison chaplain, teaching practical spirituality to thousands of American inmates.

Dr. Norma has risen to the level of wisdom keeper. AWAKENING is an inspiring tale for anyone interested in spiritual growth.

Healing Energy for Surgery Recovery Meditation

Spirit moved me on a recent rainy Sunday afternoon to record a healing energy meditation for promoting healing after surgery. Archangel Raphael is known as an angel of healing. He popped into my mind as the session progressed and took part in the meditation.

The human body is such a marvelous creation. The regeneration of tissues in the healing process can be enhanced by frequencies of light and sound. This meditation encourages the listener to tap into the energy streams swirling in the cosmos to aid in recovery.

Get well soon!

Bright Blessings– Dana

Stacks–Sci-Fi Novel Page Turner

book review by Dana Taylor

Kathy J. Forti intrigues me. In 2015 I happened upon her autobiographical book, FRACTALS OF GOD:A PSYCHOLOGIST’S NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE AND JOURNEYS INTO THE MYSTICAL. In it she tells of her near death experience, astral projection, meeting new spirit guides, and the subsequent invention of a new healing energy device, the Trinfinity8. (See blog post here) As a Facebook friend, I have followed her expeditions to the pyramids of Egypt, her move to Maui, and the occasional revealing political post.

In 2022 I was surprised to see her release two sci-fi novels. Forti’s sudden turn as a sci-fi writer further intrigued me. I downloaded the first in the series, STACKS, with low expectations. First novels by indie authors usually have a lot of rough edges. But, the premise captured my interest, so I decided to at least read a couple of chapters. Well, I was hooked. I’ve finished both books and am anxiously awaiting the third in the series.

From Kathy J. Forti’s Facebook page, “Yes, there really is a portal in the Library of Congress!…I’d say these books are truly channeled and so much fun to write. I call them non-fiction sci-fi.”

STACKS and STACKS: AWAKENING TRUTH are complex, fast-paced, character driven books right out of my favorite Gaia/YouTube channels. The story centers on Zach Eldridge, a young Library of Congress librarian with Acquired Savant Syndrome and Synesthesia. Zach possesses unique psychic powers, high intelligence, and a strong moral compass. He might just be the right guy to save the world. A time-honored hero’s journey set-up. The great fun of this yarn arises from current events regarding the ruling Elite, Big Pharma, Aliens (good and bad), and just about every other conspiracy theory floating around out there.

Book One begins with Zach receiving an urgent message from his mentor, Roone Sawyer, to meet him in his office at the Library of Congress. Zach arrives to discover Roone has committed suicide (not). Having planned for his untimely demise, Roone left clues and instructions for his protege. Zach is soon sucked through a portal to another dimension to the Library of Truth (LOC), where otherworldly beings watch over the evolution of mankind and planet earth. A plot thousands of years in the making is about to overtake the human race unless Zach rises to all challenges coming his way.

The supporting characters are well fleshed out. Cali Caliveri is the hot-shot reporter eager to get big scoops, despite personal danger. Zach’s high-powered parents each play critical roles in world events. Meghan March, a Senator’s daughter, is Zach’s love interest. Her daughter, little Izzie, a crystal child, possesses psychic powers to rival Zach’s.

The story flows. Enough action to make it a page turner, balanced with sympathetic characters and growing relationships. And even some satisfying hot sex scenes. Both books end with dramatic moments and cliff hangers. I’ll definitely be one of the first to purchase book three when it is released in 2023.

Of course, underneath it all, I’m wondering–how much is fiction and how much is fact? Forti claims it is channeled material and dubs it “non-fiction sci-fi.” Hmmm. Very intriguing indeed.

Purchase at Amazon

Learn more at Stacks Library of Truth

Read Kathy Forti Interview