Choose Positive Influences for a Healthier Life

How did a nice American girl like me get involved in a Japanese healing system called “Reiki”?

Tapping400Read all about my journey in EVER-FLOWING STREAMS: TAPPING INTO HEALING ENERGY, on special this week with a Kindle Countdown Sale, beginning at 99 cents.  I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone who is curious about the healing power of prayer. Donna Fasano UK US


chimesI am constantly amazed by the wonder of Reiki and the healing energies around us.  Frequency affects our physical and mental health. Reiki therapists work in the energetic fields of clients, infusing healing energy and removing blockages. So many influences are either positive or negative, energetically speaking. Begin thinking defensively as you make life choices. Fresh food, essential oils, purified water all lift our energetic frequency, whereas processed foods, toxic drugs, and many beverages drag people down.

Negative people and news sources are also to be avoided. You know who I mean–that constantly complaining “friend” who drains your energy. Those talking heads on FOX News. Turn the channel! Don’t take the call.

Even sound can be positive or negative. For Christmas, I bought myself (and my clients) this wonderful Chakra Chime from Soul Vibrations. The eight notes resonate at healing frequencies. You can literally feel them in your body. Spirituality has always been linked to uplifting music–chanting, hymns, mantras.  All pathways to higher consciousness.

During this holiday season, center yourself in higher energies–fresh food, laughter, beautiful music, and positive thinking.  Make 2014  a time of new, positive beginnings for your body, mind, and spirit.

Sending you Good Vibes–

Dana Taylor

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