The Scalar Energy Experience

by Dana Taylor

One of the things I love about living in Hawaii is the freedom to explore alternative healing modalities. This past week I attended a Scalar Energy Therapy introductory session at the Hawaii Institute for Integrative Health led by Dr. Terry Shintani.

A friend and I entered a room holding about 50 chairs. Eight computer screens rolled colored script and lines above us at ceiling height, filling the room with scalar energy. Upcoming demonstration schedules can be found at: Integrative Wellness Center.

What is Scalar Energy?

Originally discovered in the mid-1800’s by scientist James Clerk Maxwell, scalar energy is the  “zero point energy”–the energy in the “empty” space of atoms. Nicola Tesla began working with scalar energy to harness free energy–which would make current electricity method delivery obsolete. Of course, economics keep in place our current energy sources, but that’s another story. Online research reveals that scalar energy has the potential for great good and great destruction. Some sites claim it could cure every disease on the planet. Conversely, it could also be used for horrendous weapons of mass destruction, but that’s another story also.

The best case scenario for scalar energy is providing a body-friendly energetic environment to promote good health.

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael developed the technology now being used in the Hawaii Institute for Regenerative Health, spas, clinics, and private residences across the globe. Watch this short video to hear Dr. Michael explain the benefits of her machines.



The Pitch

As I sat under the scrolling screens, I could feel the scalar energy. It was similar to connecting with Reiki energy–a buzzy, open feeling at the top of my head. Tingling in the feet and hands.  Of course, it’s machine generated, so there isn’t the intelligence wrapped into it that comes with tapping into multidimensional natural forces. But, the energy is real.

Dr. Shintani, a respected physician with a focus on nutrition, gave a very credible talk, siting clinical studies involving scalar energy. He offered anecdotal stories of clients with “amazing” healing stories.To illustrate the anti-aging effects of scalar therapy, he showed ten year old photos of himself revealing dark facial skin spots common in Hawaii and a head of salt-and-pepper hair. Standing before us a decade later, his complexion was clear and his hair an even dark brown.

Then he introduced Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, the machine inventor. She gave her personal story–brilliant mother, brilliant father. Brilliant daughter. Check. Then she floated the metaphoric concept that each human is like a cell phone. Sitting in scalar energy is like being recharged at the cellular level.

Being a believer in energy healing and the emergence of vibrational medicine, they were singing my tune, although it felt a bit like a dog-and-pony show, especially when two men stood and shared their “amazing” testimonies. One guy had been at death’s door from exposure to asbestos and the resulting mesothelioma, and the other had been crippled from a terrible car accident. Both are now leading busy, productive lives.

The final pitch was selling various packages of time in the scalar energy room. The cost ranged from $50 per hour to $33 per hour, which I thought was a pretty good deal. Anti-aging clinics in Beverly Hills are supposedly charging $250 per hour. Purchasing a home unit costs $25,000. So, the Hawaii rate is doable. My friend decided to buy the biggest package, which would allow me to join her any time she had a session. Cool!

My Experience

That first evening we spent over two hours in the scalar energy. For the next three days, I noticed a definite lift in my energy level. I generally crash at 3pm every day. I have to lay down for a half-hour “power nap” to make it to bed time. (This is actually a big improvement over the days of chronic fatigue when I only made it until about 10 am and dragged through every day.) The scalar treatment seemed to give longer staying power.

The most interesting effect was on my hearing. A few years ago I went to a cheap dental clinic and received X-rays from some antiquated machine that basically fried my ears. For months I suffered oozing fluids and sometimes felt like I was hearing under water. Using all my self-healing tricks, it eventually cleared up, but left me with a hearing loss of upper decibels. Mosquitoes were suddenly silent!

This past February I purchased a very small fish tank, with a very small motor. I thought the motor was silent. No hum. I only knew it was running by touching it. Two days after the first scalar experience, I got up in the morning, per usual, and tottered into my kitchen to make tea.

I heard a strange mechanical humming. What is that?

I followed the sound and discovered it came from the fish tank motor. Not silent! I simply had not been able to hear it before the scalar experience. It’s now two weeks later and I can still hear it. The most common health improvements reported relate to sleeping, hearing, and eye sight.

I’ve had a few sessions since with my friend. We meet at the office and enter the scalar room, now divided up by screens with two reclining chairs in each cubicle.  Lights are low. People are quiet, except for coughing, snoring, and crinkling the protective headrest paper that is changed after each session. Soft music plays.

It’s a healing energy bath. I’ve had some interesting information and images float into my mind during the meditative sessions. After two weeks of frequent sessions, my friend, who had major surgery six weeks ago, is positively glowing. Her body appears to be using the energy to its best advantage.

So, is there something to the scalar energy? Definitely. Is it the great cure to all disease and suffering? Probably not.

For me, it’s all part of the Supernal Adventure. Check it out for yourself. There may be a clinic near you with a scalar energy room.

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Blessings and Light ~~

Dana Taylor


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7 comments on “The Scalar Energy Experience

    • Hello–thanks for your question. I purchased a package of 30 sessions and have used them as time allows. I consider sitting in the scalar energy room akin to getting a good massage or going to my acupuncturist. In September of 2018 I returned from several weeks on the mainland, very tired and suffering from a toxic tick bite. Heading to the scalar energy room was one of the first things I did. I felt like it gave me strength. The acupuncturist treatment played a major role in restoring my healthy balance after the tick bite, but I think the scalar treatments enhanced the healing process.

  1. Aloha! What about now? Any updates? Are you still receiving scalar treatments? How are you feeling and has the improvements in your hearing continued? Thanks.

    • Aloha! Thanks for asking. Yes, I have continued to go for scalar energy treatments. I bought a $1,000 package, which entitles me to 30 visits over the course of two years. At $33 an hour, that’s a lot less than most massages. My hearing improvement seems to have stuck. I go as my time allows, sometimes more, sometimes less. Ideally, once a week, but that rarely happens. I travel. When I return to Hawaii, I look forward to finding an hour or two to go to scalar. When my friends visit from the mainland, I take them. I can feel the energy buzz when I sit in the chair. The mental images are really interesting, like lucid dreaming. Meditation in the scalar room takes on a different dimension that I can’t properly describe. After one trip to the mainland, I returned in a depleted state and was able to feel an immediate boost in my vitality after a treatment. My work as a Reiki energy practitioner reinforces my belief that energy medicine like scalar is the next generation for healing.

      • Thanks for responding. It sounds amazing and I am considering it. Last question: Have you experienced any negative side effects?

      • Hello again! Like other, holistic remedies, detoxing can feel like a negative reaction, even if it is actually a good thing. When the body is given an energy boost at first a person might simply feel more vitality. But, the body can also take the extra energy to do some house cleaning. At the introductory session, Dr. Shintani recommends a sea salt bath to promote an easier expulsion of material that the skin, the body’s biggest cleansing organ, may be trying to eliminate after scalar energy sessions. Fatigue and headaches are also common signs of cleansing.

        I remember after maybe my third session, I was really tired for a couple of day afterwards and I chalked it up to detoxing. I’m a healthy, drug-free person, so my cleansing reactions are going to be minimal. I make it a practice to go the bathroom immediately before a session and I can never make it through a whole two hour session without having to relieve my bladder again. Getting rid of waste products is given a boost with the scalar energy.

        Every body is unique and will utilize the raw energy in a unique way. Like Reiki, every session is different. I hope this is useful information.

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