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“When I make love, I’m giving myself to that person body and spirit. I absorb a part of him and he takes away a part of me. If I had sex with a lot of different people, it would be like losing pieces of myself that I can’t ever get back. If I’m making love with the same person over and over, then we’re becoming closer and closer, becoming spiritually and emotionally bonded.” Persephone Jones, Ain’t Love Grand?
Interestingly, that’s the most highlighted paragraph by readers of my first novel, Ain’t Love GrandOur entertainment industry and media circus blasts us with the sexual sell. Lots of beautiful bodies rubbing against each other. Our headlines are filled with the dark side of sex–sexual abuse, pornography, pedophiles, disgraced clergy and politicians, the list goes on and on. Everyone is lookin’ for love in all the wrong places, as the song goes.
Despite all the hoopla, our Puritanical roots run deep. My daughter recently surprised me with a comment. She noted that in a Bible study class of the large midwestern church she attends, she was the only person in the room who said her mother talked to her openly and positively about sex from an early age.
Of course, I started my book writing career spinning out romantic novels. I’m definitely pro-sex. Mainly I’m pro-love.  Sexual connection is so much more than a body slam and exchange of fluids. So much more than a necessary act for procreation.
Sex is a quantum activity. A mind/body/spirit connection.
Taking it to the emotional level of making love, sex creates energetic bonds unlimited by time and space. Currently a YouTube video is making the rounds showing the emotional impact of 30 year old love affair, long over but obviously not forgotten. The fact that this one moment captured on film resonates with millions of people, illustrates the deep, timeless bonds of love and sex.

There’s nothing casual about sex.
Having meaningless, multiple encounters is simply giving sections of yourself away, never to be whole again. A part of you drifts off attached to a stranger. You become a jigsaw  puzzle with missing pieces. Sex shouldn’t be commodity, something to barter, although historically often women haven’t had anything else to sell. Prostitution isn’t called the oldest profession for nothing. It’s also part of the old energy.
We should be teaching our children the joy of love and sex. Appropriate behavior should be discussed early and openly. Take a look at how children in The Netherlands are taught:
Sex and Spirituality
Deepak Chopra wrote an article listing 12 Insights into Sex and Spirituality. My personal favorites:
  • Bliss, carefreeness and playfulness are the essence of sex.
  • Sexual energy is the primal and creative energy of the universe. All things that are alive come from sexual energy. In animals and other life forms, sexual energy expresses itself as biological creativity. In humans, sexual energy can be creative at all levels — physical, emotional and spiritual. In any situation — where we feel attraction, arousal, awakening, alertness, passion, interest, inspiration, excitement, creativity, enthusiasm — in each of these situations, sexual energy is at work. Whenever we feel these states of awareness, we must put our attention on the energy that we are experiencing, nourishing it with our attention, experiencing it with joy and keeping it alive in our awareness.
  • Meaningful sex has to be value based. Values are personal. Each situation that has sexual energy in it, involves the whole human being and their entire value system. My values may be different from yours, and I have no right to be the moral judge of anyone’s values. It is important, however, to have core values, and respect them. Without values, we become spiritually bankrupt. Sexual experience will never cause problems and will always be joyful, if lovers share the same values.
  • True intimacy is union between flesh and flesh, between subtle body and subtle body, between soul and soul. Sexual energy is sacred energy. When we have restored the sexual experience to the realm of the sacred, our world will be chaste and divine, holy and healed.
As our world view shifts and we come to understand that everything is energy, we need to explore basic sexual energy, its power, beauty, and strength. Great sex is a spiritual experience. Auric fields overlap, energy explodes and bonds. The colors behind your eyes reflect the very real spectrum of  colliding auric lights, lover to lover. Quantum fireworks.
Definitely part of the Supernal Adventure!
Wishing you beautiful lovers,
Dana Taylor
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