Exit Points–Is there more than one appointed time to die?

My latest release, Supernal Adventures, weaves the experiences of my spiritual development circle with the fascinating subjects that arose during our meditation periods. Chapter 8 covers Pre-life Planning and Exit Points. Here is an excerpt:

Supernal AdventureAkashic Record readings revealed that we humans actually design a blue print for our lives before we are born. Key relationships and life challenges are set-up. How we respond to them makes for an ever-changing set of possibilities. Built into the blue print are possible Exit Points. Should life be too over-whelming, there are several opportunities embedded to depart and go back to spirit. Interesting concept, isn’t it? Very different from most of Western thinking.

Getting a heads up on an Exit Point may have prevented my Supernal friend, Sue, from taking one. Here is a journal entry from 2006:

Supernal Journals ~ September 20, 2006

Sue was very ill last week with a flu. I called her to check up on her. She said she was napping on the couch a lot. She sounded very weak, but said she was taking care of herself and turned down offers of help. She didn’t want anyone else to get ill, so Paula and I just kept calling.

On the third day in, she didn’t sound much better. She said, “I just had the strangest dream.”

“Oh, yeah, what was it?”

“I was driving on a freeway. I drove past Exit 53. I kept driving and then I passed another sign and it also said Exit 53. I drove and kept passing Exit 53. Isn’t that strange?” she said weakly.

Oh my gosh. Exit 53! Though Sue was too sick to remember or understand the message of the dream, I knew exactly what it meant. Last year Sue had an Akashic Records reading with Helen and asked about her exit points. Helen could see several exit points.

“I see ones at 19 and 28.” Sue recalled her car wreck at 19 and the emergency C-section at 28. In another era, she and her baby would have died.

“I see one at 53. Are you 54 now?” Helen had asked.

“I’m 52.” Hmmm….

Sue is now 53. Exit 53! She is sicker than she knows.

Paula and I alerted Sue’s adult children of the severity of her illness. Her son and daughter ignored her protestations of being a bother. Her son bought medication and hydrating drinks. Her daughter moved in for a couple of days and took charge of nursing. Indeed, Sue was running high fevers and even hallucinating for a while. Without intervention, she could have gotten deathly ill.

We thanked Spirit for giving us the information through Helen and dreams before she got on the offramp of Exit 53.

The best explanation I’ve found about Exit Points comes from channel Sheryl Pedersen providing information from a spirit guide called Lady of the Sun at her website Spirit Speaks. Here is an excerpt from Exit Points:

Most of you plan for exit points when you develop the outline of what you are coming to earth to do and experience. You can choose to leave or choose to stay depending on what is happening in your lives at the time and in the lives of those around you. For a leaving affects many other souls and needs to be carefully planned.

For many people, the exit point represents a time when your karma has been cleared and you have done and learned most of what you came here to do and learn. You have the option of returning to spirit, or staying here and creating a new life for yourself, having let go of the past and being free of karmic debt.

When you reach one of these exit points, you arrange to meet with your soul’s support team on the other side to discuss what to do, what is best for the soul at this point and what is best for those around them. Much discussion and planning takes place, but ultimately the individual soul makes a choice. Read the full article.

(end of excerpt)

Of course the idea of Exit Points and the concept that “the individual soul makes a choice” when to pass, raises a multitude of questions. Are fatal accidents not accidental at all? Do people choose to die in war, by violence, “pre-maturely,” via a dreadful disease? Are Near Death Experiences (NDE) Exit Points not taken?

As Ben Franklin said, “Nothing in this world can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” But perhaps, we do have some wiggle room on a soul level as to when we take our leave.

Do any of you know if you passed up an Exit Point?

Well, I’m not planning to make my exit any time soon. I’m enjoying the Supernal Adventure too much.

Have a great day–

Dana Taylor

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13 comments on “Exit Points–Is there more than one appointed time to die?

  1. Wow! That was an exciting read. I never thought of a conversation like this before. I always see it as karma exhausting itself.
    Yes, I can actually say I have had very specific exit points. One in particular that has set my life up to be where I’m at now was at 17 years old. My book I’m working on is actually being dedicated to her. If it weren’t for her, my life would have ended then. Thank you so much for this incredible post.

    • Hi Shakti–Exit Points are mentioned here and there in metaphysical writings, but they came as a sort of surprise when they popped up in Akashic Records readings. They are an interesting concept to explore. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Wow this is a fascinating subject and not something I’ve considered before. I’ve certainly made the choice to stay several times, and it is interesting to think of it in this way. Thank you.

  3. Interesting subject! You might enjoy this article:
    I was told – this came through Guidance and a friend who channeled her Guides – that there are indeed those kind of exit points where we have “somewhat” of a choice – “choice points”-. It seems that those possible exit points are up for discussion/negotiation. In those moments when you see the car coming towards you and you think “oh my god, please help” – you are actually requesting intervention. Sometimes being granted… or not. Not sure yet (and never asked) what this depends on.
    Two years ago I had a friend. She had been fighting (kidney) cancer for over 8 years. (Western medicine) doctors had been impressed how she had been able to fight it this long. She was in remission for several years, when it returned. We had been in close contact at that time. This time it came back and NOTHING could be done. I knew how much she wanted to stay and asked for info from my guides…and my friend’s and all we came up with is that we all have a path. Hers came to an end in this reality. She basically had already negotiated before – and been granted more time – but now it was time to move on.
    I, myself, have been told to have had at least one of those “choice points” guess I decided to stick around – and my negotiations went well …
    Here is

  4. oops, posted it without signing off…THANKS for the interesting topic! Will check your site for more. I am more into PERCEPTION these days… but that is linked to so many other topics.

    • Hi Gia– I will check out that link. The whole issue of Exit Points is so different than I was raised to believe. It’s stretching my personal paradigms, that’s for sure. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
      Blessings Back At You–

      • I have had 4 exit points that I am sure of. There may have been more, but less obvious. Very interesting. Sylvia Browne wrote that we all have a least 5 exit points.

      • Hi Bev– it’s an interesting concept that isn’t included in much Western thinking. I’m not sure it’s incorporated in any cultures, except maybe cats and their supposed nine lives, hm? Thanks for stopping by!

  5. YES! In and of space-time (‘world of perceived separation’), ALL IS A CHOICE. As ALL is a ‘paradox’ in this “far away land’ of time & space, so it is with ‘pre-destination’. We ARE ‘pre-destined’ for ‘this’ or ‘that’, and since GOD’S GIFT of 100% FREEDOM IS ETERNAL, every DECISION one makes any & every NOW DETERMINES the ‘next NOWs of our ‘journey thru this dream’ of the “far away land” (space-time), which seemed to ‘begin’ when we (the “prodigal child”) CHOSE to ‘leave’ (separate myself from) “Our Father’s House”. So the ‘dream of separation’ (the ‘so-called scientific big bang’) seemed to ‘begin’. ~ We CHOSE all ‘this’, so it is proper to think we’ve actually ‘accomplished this’. Fortunately, dreams are a ‘realm’ where we may go SAFELY insane. THANK YOU, Heavenly FATHER, for PROTECTING me in my CHOSEN insanity!!! ❤

  6. I have had 5 exit points that I am aware of, and in particular, two in the last two weeks. Is there a special meaning when exit points occur so close together. Both involved vehicles, one was when I was walking across a parking lot and the other when I was nearly broadsided. Thanks for your informative article which I found very interesting and helpful.

    • Hi Jan– I’m sure having two incidents so close together is very unnerving. I’m wondering if they were really the same exit point and you were still in the “window” of probability. Just a very unproven theory. I guess you have very firmly told the universe you are not ready to depart! Thanks for stopping by. Dana

      • Thank you for replying to my question. I’m not sure what is going on at this time. I’ve really had enough of this realm and am ready to commit to the collective consciousness pool as I don’t wish to return to any realm in any form. The 2 incidents were 2 weeks apart and were very upsetting; I feel like the third is yet to come and will be the final. I wish I understood what is happening.
        Thank you again.

  7. Its 2021 the world is violent dangerous and most humans on this planet are sheople and brain washed. I’m taking care of my mom so she doesn’t have to go into assisted living ,helping her have a enjoyable rest of her life in her home. I’m going to be 55. I had a eclectic, adventurous,unconventional life. I’m happy about it and as soon as shes gone I’d like to leave here on my next exit point after mom leaves. Hopefully I’ll have more exit points after she leaves.

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