I Am With You Always

A recollection from Dana Taylor

Prince of Peace by Akiane Kramarik

On this Easter Sunday, I recall a trans-formative moment. As I grew up, Jesus had always been a historical figure or God image. At certain points, I thought he was more myth than man. Then around 1984, as a young wife and mother, I began searching for spiritual significance. The Christ message of love and forgiveness struck a deep chord. Yet, I wanted something beyond the teachings of a man long dead. Had He actually transcended death? Was He still present in another dimension as the Bible implied? One night I had a “dream.” Kneeling beside my bed, this strong man with riveting eyes reached out and held my hands. Waves of love emanated so strongly, I lay immobile, trying to concentrate on what he was telling me. I could see his lips moving, but the overpowering energy coming through his hands obliterated my comprehension. As he released my hands, I thought–“Don’t go.” As he disappeared, I clearly heard, “I am with you always.”

It was a moment nobody can ever take away from me. I had felt the living Christ enveloping me in His peace and Love. Years later when I saw this “Prince of Peace” portrait by 8-year-old Akiane Kramarik, I recognized the man in my dream. I hope that at some subconscious level, I remember what he said that night. But, it hardly matters. The foundation of my spiritual life was set that night. The journey continues.

As another Easter weekend rolls by, I know beyond the egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, Christ’s love still reaches out to seekers offering forgiveness, peace, and joy.

He is risen…He is risen indeed.

Happy Easter,

Dana Taylor

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Blowin’ In The Wind

A Supernaltation from the notebooks of Dana Taylor

There is a time to measure the worth of the character of a people. The test is upon you. We are working to open minds and hearts of the closed ones, the sleeping ones.

11102-foliage-blown-away-by-wind-1920x1080-nature-wallpaperTurmoil reigns, as a storm comes to wash away debris and water the seeds of new life. The old ways must die. Like a bed of leaves falling, dehydrating, rotting and blown by the winds.

A great whirlwind arrives to clear the ground of decay. Once again, the seeds take root under the earth. They are sprouting now, unseen on the surface.

New life is coming. Wait. Nurture.

The old will give way to the new.


Spirits Are Dancing


Spirits are dancing with delight. The wood nymphs, the devas, the sprites.

Spinning in the meadows, singing in the dew. Rejoicing dawn’s light, shining bright and new.

Cavort in the glen, leap in the creeks, feel the mist kiss cherry-red cheeks.

Spirits celebrate each renewing day. A fresh beginning to be thankful and pray.

Honor the Creator and all of creation ~ the dove, the lion, the lizard, the rock ~ every whim of Divine imagination.

Yes, Spirits are dancing.



Spirits are Dancing Copyright © 2016 Dana Taylor. All Rights Reserved

Artwork by Zorina Baldescu

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A Message from Gaia

Dana by Dana Taylor

Now that I’m living in Hawaii, I appreciate the fragile beauty of our planet more than ever and feel a kinship with its creative energy and spirit. These words express a hope that we can live here in harmony and abundance.


Like a mist rising

from oceans and sea

comes a force of life

strong, filled with vitality


Not made of bone or flesh,

nor human invention

It swirls blue and green,

a golden energy convention


Intelligent consciousness lifts

the planet’s vibration

Seeping through the atmosphere

of every earthly nation



Not seen nor heard through

human eyes or ears,

Yet speaks to open hearts

above a din of fears


Gaia calls her children

seeking their attention

The time is now to act

with fearless, bold intention


Earth is more than mineral,

plants and countless creatures

Nature sends a wide array of

unseen spiritual teachers


Listen, listen to the wind,

the rain and ocean wave

They’re calling to her children

to stand and be brave


Love your planet, honor earth

through mutual cooperation

Do not destroy and conquer

but nurture, through gentle adoration


You are my family

Love me, with simple appreciation

I want the best for you

and all future generations



Look up at heavenly skies

Observe the blessed signs

My love releasing everywhere

My hope for all mankind



A Message From Gaia Copyright © 2015 Dana Taylor. All Rights Reserved


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Meditate Like a Lion

For the past few months, I’ve been writing creatively while in a meditative state. I’ve decided to begin sharing them here. I’m calling them Supernaltations. Enjoy!


Meditate like a lion, like a bird, like a dolphin. Animals spend hours simply being true to their nature. The lion lies in the grass, feeling the breeze, watching the horizon.

flying-bird-1328802494Px7  Birds fly or perch, creatures of the air. They sit and sing from great heights, never afraid of a fall. The air is their domain.

file000450127837  Dolphins swim in pods, separate beings but moving in complete unity. The water hugs them, supports them, feeds them. They fear not the currents nor the storms.

All creatures trust their instincts and their Creator. They have no doubt of their environment. When food is scarce, they just keep searching. It will appear.

They are in constant connection with Spirit. Quiet times are never boring, but peaceful, because they dwell in Spirit.

Land, air, or water, the creatures are content with their place in creation. They are attuned to the Creator.

Dear ones ~

Meditate like a lion.

Sing like a bird.

Float like a dolphin.

Love your Creator. Be the Creation.



Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: A Supernaltation

My journaling appears to be taking on new dimensions. Thoughts seem to be coming through me, rather than from me. All part of the ever-evolving Supernal Adventure, I guess. Here is an entry from last May that I feel nudged to share today. Many blessings– Dana 

colorful sunset

colorful sunset

Supernal Journal, May 3, 2015

Jesus said, I am the vine. You are the branches. No one come to the Father but by me. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

These words are still strong and true. They show the open door, the gate to heaven. They aren’t meant to keep people out, to exclude, but are a light shining the path to joy. So many are lost, wandering in the dark.

I shine a Light on the path to joy and the starlight luminescence of God. I gather my loved ones like a Good Shepherd. I want no one lost or afraid. Come to me and find the peace that goes beyond understanding.

I Am Love. Love is a state of Being, a high energy. An action. From that energy comes inspiration to work in love and kindness. I am All Inclusive. The portal is open. All may enter. A host of angels is waiting to greet you home. Peace I give you. Peace I leave you. Walk in my peace.

You conduit my Light into the planet. It radiates through and around you. In your words, in your actions, in your silence. You don’t need to “do.” You may simply “be.” Be like a tuning fork vibrating at my calibration. Carry my note, my tune, wherever you go.

Sing to the beauty of creation. Rejoice in it. Cherish it. Take good care of it. Love it. Look to the sky. Look up. See the dancing clouds, the wind, the rain, the blue sky, the birds on wing. They are part of the symphony of the earth.

It is beyond your wildest dreams, all the Love I have to share and want to give to my children, my flock. If only they will open their hearts, open their eyes, open their ears. I am calling. I am waiting. I am loving.

Happiness is always bittersweet, full of joy, remembering moments of sorrow. Choose to live in the Light.