A Whale of a Mystical Experience

April is a month we give Mother Gaia a shout-out on the 22nd, officially proclaimed Earth Day. Spring flowers and Easter bunnies pull us out of the winter doldrums. Despite horrific headlines, a beautiful day is a balm to the soul and a beacon of hope.
While people dwell on land, this earth is mostly covered by oceans. It’s a unique water planet. The largest animals on the earth are the whales. The more scientists study whale populations, the more our human superiority is called into question. Their intelligence is becoming more apparent and impressive. Whales live in communities (pods). They’ve evidently evolved a sophisticated communication system of sonar signals and tail surface water slaps. Divers have reported being protected by whales from tiger sharks. Conversely, whales have sought out human assistance when tangled in fishing nets. Humans have long felt a spiritual kinship with whales and dolphins, which are classified as whales. The spiritual teacher, Kryon, channeled through Lee Carroll, has asserted that whales carry the Akashic history of the planet in their DNA. Now there’s a mystical notion.
I was fortunate to live on Hawaii for several years and enjoyed the thrill of whale season. Mothers and their calves cavort around the islands several months of the year. My apartment overlooked the ocean. Seeing a whale spout in the cove, followed by a glimpse of a breaching belly and tail enthralled me. Every time.
Undoubtedly, such moments served as the inspiration for the most vivid dream of my life. Most afternoons I rest for about forty-five minutes, usually listening to a Steve Nobel transmission on YouTube. That day was no different, except I slipped into some level consciousness I’ve rarely reached. I knew it was a dream. But the colors and details of the experience were vivid and sensual. I could see, feel, and smell.
In the dream, I visited Makapuu Beach, which was just a few miles around the coast. The water there is quite turbulent and in normal life, I would never brave it. But in the dream, I jumped right in and transformed into a creature of the sea. Soon, I felt the call of an old friend, a Guardian Whale. The emotional reunion with a soul I’d dearly missed still wells in my heart. From there my mystical adventure evolved. Ultimately, the Guardian imparted a telepathic message about Gaia and her place in the cosmos and the imperative need to respect and protect the planet.
My Guardian Whale Meditation shares the vision and the message of the dream. How wonderful it would be if humans would declare every day Earth Day and follow the wisdom of the greatest creatures on the planet. You are invited to sit back, relax and join me on the watery Supernal adventure. Aloha!

A Message from Gaia

Dana by Dana Taylor

Now that I’m living in Hawaii, I appreciate the fragile beauty of our planet more than ever and feel a kinship with its creative energy and spirit. These words express a hope that we can live here in harmony and abundance.


Like a mist rising

from oceans and sea

comes a force of life

strong, filled with vitality


Not made of bone or flesh,

nor human invention

It swirls blue and green,

a golden energy convention


Intelligent consciousness lifts

the planet’s vibration

Seeping through the atmosphere

of every earthly nation



Not seen nor heard through

human eyes or ears,

Yet speaks to open hearts

above a din of fears


Gaia calls her children

seeking their attention

The time is now to act

with fearless, bold intention


Earth is more than mineral,

plants and countless creatures

Nature sends a wide array of

unseen spiritual teachers


Listen, listen to the wind,

the rain and ocean wave

They’re calling to her children

to stand and be brave


Love your planet, honor earth

through mutual cooperation

Do not destroy and conquer

but nurture, through gentle adoration


You are my family

Love me, with simple appreciation

I want the best for you

and all future generations



Look up at heavenly skies

Observe the blessed signs

My love releasing everywhere

My hope for all mankind



A Message From Gaia Copyright © 2015 Dana Taylor. All Rights Reserved


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