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Raised in the cultural crossroads of Southern California, Dana Taylor graduated from the University of Redlands, CA with a degree in theatre and writing. She enjoyed a long marriage to a lawyer from Oklahoma. She has two daughters and six grand children, which she finds astounding.  Her search for personal wellness lead to studying alternative medicine, essential oils, and energy healing. She is a Reiki Master.

Her books have won various awards including Golden Quill Awards Best First Book (Ain’t Love Grand),  and 2014 Independent Spirit Book Awards – Energy Medicine Category (Ever-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation and Me). She’s written a variety of genres including women’s fiction and children’s books. She has frequently been on the Amazon Bestseller lists. Currently, she divides her time between Hawaii, Missouri, and California.

Contact her at SupernalFriends@yahoo.com

To see the full catalog of Dana Taylor books, visit her Amazon Author Page.

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From Dana:

Several years ago a personal healing of a life-long affliction and then witnessing my friend be healed of an “incurable” disease via the modality of Reiki shifted my world view. I searched for a word that would define the amazing events unfolding in my life and found “Supernal,” which means “heavenly or coming from on high.” My friends and I started having what we called “Supernal Adventures.” I developed my talent as a medical intuitive and studied Reiki and other healing arts.
My work as a Reiki therapist is rewarding and often surprising. Transmitting healing energy through my hands is a gift to both my clients and myself. Every session is different. The sense of Supernal connection is never greater than in the Reiki room where universal healing energy is focused to the physical plane and human healing is enhanced.
As an author, my books of women’s fiction and non-fiction all reflect my awareness that this is only one dimension of a multiverse. Some books are more “mystical” than others, but they all reveal glimpses of divine intersection with the human experience. And they are a lot of fun, too.

Ever-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation & Me

Book One of the Supernal Living Series

Winner 2014 Indie Spiritual Book Awards ~ Energy Medicine

Winner 1st Place E-Festival of Words–Religion & Spirituality Category

“Go see that woman!”

Dana Taylor had no intention of making an appointment with a New Age Reiki therapist. She’d been living with a medical mystery most of her life and felt she had it under control. But, when a flareup occurs with a disturbing new element, she can’t ignore the intuitive command to “go see that woman.” The healing she received rocked her world.

Could she incorporate her core foundational beliefs with these new experiences? Could what she was learning help other people?

Ever-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation and Me explores frontiers of healing, questions old thinking, and encourages people to break through fear-based barriers. Learn how to tap into the ever-flowing streams of healing energy available to everyone with the courage and curiosity to find them.

“A book not to simply read, but to experience”–Tampa Bay Examiner

TISBA category_winner_sm (1)

Ever-Flowing Streams–Living the Experience by Heather Jeffries Tampa Bay Examiner April 13, 2012

Many people have a preconceived notion that Reiki or healing energy is exclusive New Age rhetoric and those who study have no Christian basis in their practices. Ever-Flowing Streams casts that theory to the wayside and transcends the fetters of conventional thinking.

See whole article

Listen to interview with host Lynn Serafinn at Garden of the Soul Radio

Available in paperback and ebook versions at Amazon


Supernal Adventures: Exploring the New Normal of Multidimensional Living

Supernal Adventure

      Book Two of the Supernal Living Series

Has a deceased loved one ever visited you for a final goodbye? Have you “heard” a message from another realm? Has someone you know been healed of an “incurable” disease? If so, you may be experiencing part of the new normal of multidimensional living. What used to be the exclusive experience of a few mystics and psychics is becoming more prevalent among “normal” people. 

Dana Taylor and her “normal” friends began calling such experiences Supernal Adventures. After one of them received a “miracle” healing, they began a mutual exploration of alternative healing, quantum physics, spirituality, and consciousness. Their weekly meditation sessions soon took on a life of their own with mystical happenings. This book weaves their experiences through the subjects that arose ~ Energy Healing, Past Lives, Akashic Records, Pre-Life Planning, Spirit Communication and more.

Dana Taylor continues the story that began in the award-winning Ever-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation and Me. Break the barriers of the ordinary and embrace the freedom of extraordinary Supernal Adventures for yourself.

Available in paperback and ebook versions at Amazon

3 comments on “Dana Taylor Books and Bio

  1. Sunday I downloaded Ever-flowing Streams after reading your astute observations of Charley Goldsmith of TLC’s series “The Healer”. Having time to kill while waiting in a hotel in Saigon, your book is like a refresher course in just about everything I have learned about working with healing energy, has given me new direction, and much needed personal insight!

    I love your book. And, in reading it I am blow away by the parallels and similarities in our respective journeys to self-discovery. In comparing the two paths, you didn’t leave out many details. There are differences of course: I am an older male, much slower learner, slower to “get it”, and I’m gay! 😉 Similarities: Spouses and friends who didn’t understand me. Check! Catholic baggage. Check! Past life baggage. Check! Reiki Master. Check! Reconnection Healing. Check! Prayer circles. Check! ACIM. Check!, And etc., etc., etc. What a validation to read about someone who is experiencing the same path, and breaking trail for the rest of us skragglers.

    Thanks again for putting yourself out there to help the rest of us.

    Patrick Maloy
    Portland, OR

    • Thank you so much Patrick for taking the time to share your thoughts. It is interesting how many of us feel like we’ve wandering in a private wilderness only to discover there have been others following parallel paths. It’s an interesting time to be on planet earth!

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