Rainbow Children Will Color Our World

I recently ran across an interesting Facebook post from Reiki Master Kat Gray, regarding “Rainbow Children.” That was a new term to me. Kat has given me permission to use the information she compiled to share here.

flv9In the 1970’s we started hearing about Indigo Children, so named by a certain unusual purple hue in their aura noticed by people who can spot such things. Highly intelligent, out-of-the-box thinkers, they’ve had their trials adjusting to society, but are changing the world. (Pretty sure Steve Jobs was one of those!) Then in the 1990’s the Crystal Children began arriving. Also known as the Star Children, these souls are gentle and often allergic to chemicals and foods. Known for their large eyes, they are soulful, sensitive, and often psychic.

indigo-crystal-and-rainbow-childrenNow come the Rainbow Children. As the name implies, the Rainbow Children come to earth with a wider spectrum of ray color in their auric field. They are born on the ninth dimension of consciousness, the dimension of collective consciousness.
 The Rainbow Children bring joy and harmony to their families. Unlike the Indigo and Crystal Children, the Rainbow Child is born to smile, which is accompanied by their huge hearts that are full of forgiveness.
The Rainbow Child generally recovers from the state of negative emotion quickly. This is also an important key that they hold emotional mastery.

Rainbow children are psychic and have the ability to read people’s feelings. This gift is usually revealed as they grow older.
 Beyond this, they have strong wills and strong personalities.  They are known to be natural healers and instant manifesters. It is said that whatever they need or desire, they can instantly manifest.

As would be expected, they have a connection to color. In fact, they resonate with the colors around them. They are drawn to color, colorful surroundings and brightly colored clothes. Their energy is expressed in other ways too, as they are high-energy children. Their enthusiasm is demonstrated in their creativity. The Rainbow Children are thought to be the builders of the New World, using Divine will.

Astonishingly, the Rainbow Children come with no karma. Rainbow Children will enjoy the life on earth learning with absolutely no strings attached to their past. This is because they do not really continue from any previous cycle of reincarnation. They will also be less prone to allergies and bad reactions to chemicals than the Star Children.
 The Rainbow Child is very hyperactive. They can run the whole night and really tire you out. This is a problem that parents of Rainbow Children might face.

Rainbow Children tend to:
• Have very strong wills and personalities.
• Be very high energy.
• Be very attuned to color and color vibrations around them.
• Have passionate creativity
• Love bright clothing and colorful environments.
• Bubble over with enthusiasm for everything in life.
• Expect instant manifestation of whatever they think/need.
• Have healing abilities.
• Have telepathy.

A Message from a Rainbow Parent ~

My daughter, who is two, is very much a Rainbow Child. The word passionate does not even begin to describe her personality. She enters the world every day with a powerful energy, exerting her will and creativity into everything she does. While her older Crystal brother is laid back and patient, she is charging forward with her voice on extra loud volume, doing this, doing that, she hardly ever stops to sit down for a moment or two. She even eats on the run, taking little bites here and there in between jumping on the trampoline or running by with a doll stroller at full speed.

She LOVES clothes and COLOR, and will spend a lot of time changing clothes every day. Her clothes have to be clean and neat, or she removes them and chooses new ones, throwing the soiled ones at me and exclaiming loudly, “Wash them, mama, thank you!”

She will also spend a lot of time picking through the crayons, and selecting every hue of her favorite colors: pink and purple and then drawing with those hues.
 She seems very sensitive and attuned to color for a two-year-old. She even describes things in her life by what color they are as in pink sparkle shoes, pretty purple shirt, my yellow cup, baby’s blue cup and so on. She names colors all day long and if she discovers a new color she does not know a name for, like a hue of another color, she will ask me, “what’s this?” and I better answer RIGHT AWAY, because if I am on the phone or at the computer and do not immediately stop what I am doing to address her needs, she will shake my arm and her voice will repeat, “What’s THIS, WHHHATTTTS TTTTHHHIIISSS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Until I answer. Then she says quietly, “Oh,” and runs off to play with her new color discovery.

We have not seen the same psychic abilities as her older brother has, but she has her own gifts. Healing seems to be one of them. She is very aware of other peoples owies and is always ready to kiss them to make them better. 
Her strong will and passionate creativity make her very fun to watch as she scampers about. She will create elaborate costumes out of feather boas and velvet fabrics and talk or hum to herself as she acts out her little world. She is a true joy to be around most of the time, as long as I make sure she gets my full attention if she needs something.

Patience does not seem to be a very big Rainbow Child quality.
 Rainbow Children are already attuned to the world we are moving towards, when things will instantly manifest. Humanity as a whole is not there yet, so the mass consciousness grid holds back instant manifestation from being commonplace. A toddler has a hard time understanding that. They feel if they think juice, well then juice ought to naturally appear instantly. In higher dimensions this may be true, and it will be true here on Earth as well, thanks to the Rainbow kids making it so.


Be on the look out for these special children. Welcome and enjoy them. They are the hope for a better planet earth.

Bright blessings,

Dana Taylor

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