What are Akashic Records?

The post I ran last August on Akashic Records is one of my most-viewed articles. Several people I know have made appointments with Helen at Ripples of Light for Records Consultations. Here is a revised version for your information:

What are Akashic Records? Metaphysical literature is rich with references to the records. I’ve seen them called a Heavenly Library— a center where all the history of the universe is contained. Lately, analogies to the Internet have been appearing. Some believe the Biblical Book of Life is actually the Akashic Records. Everyone has a separate record that contains their individual history of all their past lives, relationships, life contracts, and between life events. You name it, it’s in the Records.

I realize this represents a tremendous paradigm shift for Westerners who still believe this is the one go-around on the earth plane. After that, it’s heaven or hell for eternity. If you firmly stand in that camp, then the Akashic Records are the stuff of fantasy. If you can entertain a different point of the view—read on.

Is an Akashic Record reading like a Psychic Reading? Yes and no.

Akashic Record readers certainly must have psychic abilities. It is the source of their information that should be clearer than the psychic on the corner. The AR Reader knows how to go to the guardians and guides of the records and communicate with those entities. It’s akin to going to the National Library and seeking the assistance of the Head Librarian.

What’s the value of an Akashic Record Reading?

Picture going to counselors who know everything about you before you ever enter their office. When I say everything—I mean everything. Not that they will tell you everything; being wise they edit their comments. But they have access to information that can shed light on puzzling life situations.

For instance, perhaps there is a troubling relationship—somebody who holds unexplained animosity and causes continual turmoil. An Askashic Record reading might reveal a past life where you transgressed and hurt that person. You might gain a broader understanding of what is happening between the two of you and figure out a way to heal the relationship now that you know you are not merely an innocent victim of unfair treatment.

In another situation you may have a sudden feeling of recognizing a total stranger, an odd attachment out of the blue. A Reading could reveal that person was in your family circle. There is the concept of Soul Families, where people often incarnate repeatedly, playing different roles in each other’s lives. Discovering someone has been a spouse, child, or sibling can explain a lot. Record Readings can also shed light on habits, ruts, and destructive patterns. When you feel the need for a soul check-up, an Akashic Record Reading can be an enlightening experience.

How to prepare for an Akashic Record Reading: It’s best to prepare a list of questions. Go through the various areas of your life–relationships, finances, personality quirks, health, career, and talents. Here’s a few ideas

  • What is my life purpose?
  • What lessons am I here to learn?
  • Why am I dealing with this particular life issue?
  • Why do I have conflict with this person?
  • What am I suppose to learn from this relationship?
  • Why do I have this fear?
  • Is there an area that I haven’t considered that I can gain helpful knowledge about?

Who offers Akashic Record Readings? Learning to read the Records requires training. There are actually established associations to certify intuitives as official Akashic Record Readers. Obviously, it requires a certain psychic talent that is refined in the training process. You can find more information on the web with an Akashic Record search and see the various places that offer training and certification.

Like selecting any professional from a plumber to a doctor, due diligence is recommended before engaging a Records Reader and investing in a session. I highly recommend Helen at Ripples of Light. She sets up appointments by phone and Zoom at a reasonable price. You will enjoy her gentle spirit, insights. and lilting British accent.

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