40 Years of Channeling Bashar

Film Review by Dana Taylor
In some circles, like mine, channeling is No Big Deal. In the last forty years I’ve run the gamut of Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts (Seth Books), Abraham-Esther Hicks, Lee Carroll/Kryon, and A Course in Miracles. Hence, the life work of Darryl Anka channeling Bashar lacks any credibility gap for me. (Also my closest friends sometimes channel, which was, admittedly, startling the first few times.) Though I’ve been aware of Anka and Bashar, watched some interviews and channeling sessions, I’ve not been a devotee. Part of the reason, has been I’ve been late to the party and not known where to jump into the material.
Darryl Anka
This week in browsing the films available at Gaia, I happened across the docu-drama, First Contact, written and directed by Darryl Anka. Anka lays out his life as a channel for Bashar, from first encounter to an overview of the whole Bashar experience. Anka spent a few years in the film industry, so the overall professional feel to the production is a step above much of the YouTube homemade fare. Employing actor James Woods as the narrator also raises the bar of watchability.
While many channeled entities identify themselves as angelic, ascended masters, or a collective intelligence, Bashar is an extraterrestrial, one of the “Grey” ETs, as they have been dubbed on planet earth. He has a whole backstory of his civilization that is the stuff of true sci-fi. Interestingly, I found that segment giving me the most internal push back. I recognized the successful programming of the establishment in my psyche to immediately dismiss such claims as ludicrous. Keeping an open mind can be a struggle.
Hang in there, because ensuing material regarding quantum states, space travel, physical reality, the nature of time, and more, are thought provoking for the supernal adventurer. Anka comes across as an ordinary person living an extraordinary life, not so very different from my friends, just much more public.
Anka and I are about the same age, both raised in Southern California. We were allowed to be open to multidimensional experiences, without fear of condemnation, shame or ridicule. Or being burned at the stake.
First Contact offers an intriguing peek into the world of channeling. It’s available at both Gaia and Amazon Prime Video. Reading the reviews at Amazon reveal the chasm of belief systems. While 56% of reviews give it 5 stars, 25% of reviews rate it with 1 star and often angry words (“trash,” “psychotic,” “fake”).
My advice is judge for yourself.

Available at Amazon Prime Video and Gaia

Bright Blessings,
Dana Taylor

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