Dana Taylor is a Reiki Master and bestselling Amazon author. 

What is “Supernal Living?” 

From Dana Taylor:
“Supernal” is defined as belonging to the heaven of divine beings and of more than human or earthly powers. While I’ve never considered myself psychic, I am highly intuitive. I often “know” things, get sudden guidance, feel energy. There is a sense I am never alone, a “team” is always working with me. Life decisions are made intuitively and generally work out well.
My work as a Reiki therapist is rewarding and sometimes amazing. Transmitting healing energy through my hands is a gift to both my clients and myself. Every session is different. The sense of Supernal connection is never greater than in the Reiki room where universal healing energy is focused to the physical plane and human healing is enhanced.
As an author, my books of women’s fiction and non-fiction all reflect my awareness that this is only one dimension of a multiverse. Some books are more “mystical” than others, but they all reveal glimpses of divine intersection with the human experience.
In my view, Supernal Living implies involving a keen awareness of the Divine in everyday living. Join me in an exploration of spirituality, healing energy, visionary arts and wonder.

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Listen to the Prologue of Ever-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation & Me

Supernal Series Books 1 & 2 ~ Join the Supernal Adventure!


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 E-Mail: supernalfriends@yahoo.com

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