Angels in the Living Room

I guess you could call me a “hobbyist healer.” My friends and I get together and when some gals might go shopping, we visit a while and then quietly meditate and “send energy” in what we’ve come to call our Supernal Sessions. Increasingly, we’ve come to sense the presence of helpers, or spiritual team members–Angels, perhaps. So when I saw the book QUANTUM ANGEL HEALING by Eva-Maria Mora, I thought it might shed light on what is happening in my living room. 

Quantum Angel Healing: Energy Therapy and Communication with AngelsEva-Maria Mora is a certified Quantum Touch energy healer and founder of Quantum Angel Healing, offering classes and certification in the technique.  I appreciated that she began the book by asking the question of clients–“How does this illness serve you?” I remain a “hobbyist healer” because I discovered long ago that many people don’t really want to be well.

The book is well organized and carries much of the information familiar to energy workers–chakras, auras, crystals, cleansing, prayer, and emotional connections to illness. There is a definite shamanistic influence to the material. She takes it a step further by introducing a cast of Angelic characters–naming them and associating them with energy centers of the body and specific disorders. She identifies them and even nicknames by their greater functions–i.e. Ariel is the Greenpeace angel because she can clean intervene in enviornmental problems. Raphael is the healing angel and helps people get over emotional wounds.

She offers exercises to break down mental barriers and open communication with the angels. One such technique is called the Angel Breath. I practiced this and felt it did seem to widen my sense of connection. Obviously, the material in the book will be suspect in many people’s minds. It is unfamiliar and feels like pure fantasy. The Supernal friends got into a lively discussion about it.

“How does she know all this stuff?” Sue asked.  

“I guess her guide, Zohar, gave her all the information,” I replied. “I don’t know. It’s just interesting. I’m not saying it’s infallible Truth.”

So, if you are fascinated by the unseen dimensions of quantum healing and open to the idea of angelic helpers, QUANTUM ANGEL HEALING, will continue on your journey of exploration. And I’m being polite to the angels, just in case they’re actually hanging out in my living room.

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