Battle germs with essential oils

REVISED: January 2020
Something is definitely in the air, and I’m not talking about L-O-V-E. The coronavirus is front pages news right now. Seems a good time to revisit some commonsense ways a family can protect themselves from viruses circling the globe. The human immune system has a marvelous capacity to attack and overcome viral and bacterial invasions everyday. No need to panic. Just be smart. Use good basic hygiene. Always wash hands after public exposure and wear a face mask if the flu is reported in your area. If someone is ill in your home, keep a bowl of water and bleach standing. Always dip your hands in the solution after being in the sick room. Here are my go-to essential oils. My family has used Young Living Essential Oils since the early 1990’s. There are probably other good brands on the market, but Young Living has served us well.
Protect your family with some basic products.

Young Living Essential Oils  

Essential oils can be your secret weapon against all the nasties in the air. Why? They kill viruses and bacteria; boost the immune system; energize the body. Young Living is the trusted brand I’ve been using for twenty years. Here are two basic products that should be in every medicine cabinet.
Purification is a citronella and melaleuca based blend that enhances the body’s natural immune system. It has a pleasant smell and can be applied before heading out into crowds. Rub it on the neck and hands. A couple drops in bath water adds a therapeutic boost to the cleansing process. Use daily and especially at the first sign of illness. See Product Details. I keep Purification in my purse at all times. When I fly, I always rub some drops on my neck and hands to ward off contagion from fellow travelers. It is also healing to insect bites and scrapes,
 Thieves is a “hotter” blend that contains clove and cinnamon oil. The blend is named for robbers of dead bodies during the Black Plague in Europe. According to legend, the thieves could strip corpses of valuables and not fall ill themselves. After they were arrested, they revealed themselves as perfumers who knew the protective power of essential oils. The Young Living product is based on that centuries-old formula. Pleasantly pungent, Thieves delivers the one-two punch to germs. Rubbing on the bottom of feet infuses the whole system with healing properties.  Product details.
Peppermint Oil is an excellent oil to keep on hand. Rubbed onto sore muscles, it tingles and relaxes the area. A drop in the palm of the hands and then cupped under the nose, opens stuffy air passages. A drop in the navel combats nausea, as does inhalation of fumes. It freshens and cleans the air of a musty room. Product details
Essential oils can be used on small children. If there is a sensation of burning, apply some hand lotion to dilute. Rubbing oils onto the bottom of feet after a shower will deliver the benefits to the whole body. Oils can also be used in diffusers or simply inhaled by placing some drops in the palm of the hand and inhaling the fumes.
If you don’t know a Young Living distributor in your area, you can order products using my Dana Taylor membership number 57763 at Young Living
Do yourself and your family a favor and learn about the benefits of essential oils.

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