What is Reiki?

Tapping400 A new year brings new directions. For myself, the expansion of my Reiki Practice is evolving. Reiki and similiar energy healing modalities are coming more into the mainstream. Below is some basic introductory information.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing modality that originated in Japan about a hundred years ago by Dr. Mikao Usui or Usui Sensei, as he was known by his students. During a dark-moment-of-the-soul period in his life, Usui Sensei made a pilgrimage to the holy mountain Mt. Kurama for guidance and renewal.

During a twenty-one day spiritual retreat, he encountered the Reiki (meaning “God’s Light”) energy, which entered his head, and provided an unending stream of healing power.

Not only could Usui Sensei channel this power personally, he could pass the power onto students via “attunements.” 

Over the decades, Reiki centers opened in Japan. After World War II, the West learned about Reiki via an American of Japanese heritage named Mrs. Hawayo Takata. Today there are thousands of Reiki practitioners worldwide.

Reiki Energy Treatments

 Reiki and other forms of complementary therapies are being increasingly employed in the health care industry. Energy therapists serve as healing facilitators transferring energy frequencies, much as a light bulb transmits electricity.

Benefits from treatments include:

  • Accelerated healing ability
  • Relaxation Response
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Reduction in pain, anxiety, nausea, muscle tension
  • Post-op healing
  • End of life transition
  • Over-all sense of well-being

What to Expect

A client sits or lies down, fully-clothed. The therapist generally works a few inches away from the body. People emit energy patterns around their bodies, sometimes called the auric field. The therapist works with various energy frequencies to adjust the client’s auric field toward wellness. The energy may feel warm, cool, or create a slight buzzing sensation. The client absorbs healing energy and utilizes it to the best of their ability. Sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

Hospitals employing Reiki:

Whittier Presbyterian Hospital

University of Arizona Medical Center

Hartford Hospital, Connecticut

Find more information at Reiki.org

Dana Taylor, RM

By Dana Taylor Posted in Reiki

4 comments on “What is Reiki?

    • Reiki is a form of energy healing where the practitioner is the conduit for the healing energy. Sounds strange, but there’s getting to me more science to back it up all the time. Thanks for dropping by– Dana

  1. Have you ever used singing bowls or sound healing with Reiki? I’m a Reiki level II practitioner who just recently learned how to use Tibetan singing bowls and I thought of incorporating sound into Reiki sessions if the client wants it. I was wondering your thoughts on this. Thanks. Erin

    • Hi Erin– Two minds with the same thoughts. I’m also planning on incorporating more healing sounds into my Reiki world this year. I think the vibrations they establish in the session can definitely add to the healing energy. Always something to learn!

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