Doreen Virtue Sees The Light

by Dana Taylor

Author, psychologist, “angelologist,” Doreen Virtue has been a Hay House superstar for a long time. According to publisher Reid Tracy, her fifty plus books and multiple oracle cards make her Hay House’s top seller. While I’ve admired her success and sincerity, frankly, I haven’t been one of her devoted followers. Her books haven’t “called” to me. Doreen’s New Agey angels and ascended masters,  didn’t quite match up with my Christ-centered belief system. So, it came as a surprise to me earlier this year when I felt led to listen to her on YouTube. Doreen offers weekly Angel Messages from her animal ranch sanctuary in Maui.

As it turned out, Ms. Virtue had a life-changing Christ encounter in January 2017. She didn’t so much turn from turn from “wicked ways,” as fine tune her evolving belief system. On February 25, 2017 she received Christian baptism. This is creating an intriguing metamorphosis in the Virtue “brand,” which is big bucks for Hay House. Her weekly Angel Messages have turned into Biblical Sunday school lessons, blending metaphysical insights inspired by her angel cards, with scriptural examples and quotations. Bible references to Christ are the foundation of her talking points.

Beyond that, she went to Reid Tracy and told him that anything published from her at Hay House after February 25th must reflect her Christian orientation. Her next book is a Christian devotional entitled Mornings With The Lord, due to be released October 17. It will interesting to see if she starts a trend at Hay House into metaphysical Christian publications.

Until now the Christian book market has been ruled by the conservative houses like Thomas Nelson, which leave people like me out in the cold. Bland novels (no-sex-please-we’re-Christian), patriarchal authors, and left-brained theology promoting a world view from the Council Nicaea of AD 325. Followers of Christ like me who have mystical experiences, embrace reincarnation, sexual equality, and reject the idea of hell and damnation have been living under a cloud of heresy. Yet, we feel we follow the risen Christ as much as any registered church member, maybe more.

We’re spiritually hungry. We pray and meditate. Our bookshelves are lined with New Age book classics that are at once inspiring, yet unsatisfying, because they rarely mention the greatest mystic of all, Jesus of Nazareth. We’ve gravitated to the Christ-channeled modern marvel, A Course in Miracles.

But, we want more. Books that reflect the living Christ, without a world view of duality and judgment. Perhaps Doreen Virtue will lead a vanguard into Christian books that break down the walls of old, patriarchal thinking. Books for heretics like me.

Watch this week’s Angel Message. Doreen details the changes coming to her career in segment two.

Visit Doreen Virtue’s website at ANGEL THERAPY.COM


Enjoy the Supernal Series Books 1 & 2 ~ Be a Spiritual Adventurer!



8 comments on “Doreen Virtue Sees The Light

  1. I started having visions of Jesus around the same time that Doreen Virtue did and I was very intrigued with her new messages. I didn’t quite understand it until I saw her at a Hayhouse workshop a couple of months ago. She said part of her purpose is to help heal people who have turned away from Jesus due to having negative experiences in some religions and churches. This totally made sense to me as I also feel called to help bridge the gap between “religion” and “spirituality” as well. I commend her for following the guidance she is receiving!

    • Hi Crystal — Christ consciousness appears to be affecting people in New ways. Doreen influences many people. It will interesting to see this new chapter unfold. She has felt the tension as I have — that mentioning Jesus in “spiritual” circles can make people bristle and talking about “spirituality” in Christian circles makes people suspicious. Maybe it’s time to bridge that gap. Thanks for reading.

  2. I am happy for Doreen, if for just a moment we
    Remember what we all are asking is freedom from
    Pain and suffering. There is only One true power and
    Jesus was able to master communication with it.
    That Power, it was Love, God. He taught that to worship anything outside or anything other then Love
    Is to worship other Gods, who are selling two messages that God someone to be loved and feared.
    It is not the name Christ that should upset anyone.
    Everyone has a right to choose when to hear, God is but just Love and so are you. Anything else is an illusion. That is it nothing more, so it is not the name
    That is upsetting to some it maybe the message
    Some may not be ready to hear.
    We all deserve to be Joyous give her your blessing
    If you truly are asking for freedom from pain and suffering.
    I don’t hear her saying don’t believe in who choose
    To believe in. I hear her say this is who got me to
    Hear one true Word, the One True Power that sets
    All things right in her mind her and World and blessed
    I don’t hear negative judgment coming from her message. She is choosing her teacher.
    Blessing to Doreen in all, it is through the Son God
    Can be reached within. We are all those Sons
    We are all the Chosen One. Jesus was and is here
    To remind us and many more are.
    He is just teaching us the short cut, through Joy one

    • At this point, I see Doreen as a bridge between the New Age and Christianity. Her new format for her weekly talks is called “Heart to Heart.” She reminds me of my favorite Sunday School teachers.

  3. Hi Ursula–you may be right. I observe Doreen mostly out of curiosity as a writer. She has had a remarkable career building her “brand” that she is now demolishing. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out and if her career can survive these changes.

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