What to read before ACIM

Dana  post by Dana Taylor–Part Three in a Series on A Course in Miracles

Before you dash out and purchase a copy of A Course in Miracles, I would advise finding books to familiarize yourself with the concepts of the material. There are many floating around now. Marianne Williamson has become a prominent voice for ACIM. A Return to Love has now reached “classic” status. So, you might check it out.

One day  while I was wandering a now-defunct Border’s Bookstore (sigh) ,a book drew my attention– The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard.  An inner voice fairly screamed, “READ THIS!” The premise is certainly unique–the author, Gary Renard  suddenly looks up in his living room one day to see a pair of people sitting on his living room couch. They are the Ascended Masters, Pursah and Arten, who were once disciples of Jesus. They are answering Gary’s prayer for guidance. From December of 1992 to December of 2001, they appear to Gary at various intervals and impart “Straight talk about illusions, past lives, religion, sex, politics, and the miracle of forgiveness.” It’s a BIG book.

The set-up sounds kooky, but the book is engaging and the material delivers a great foundation for tackling A Course in Miracles. Gary is your average Every Man given the golden opportunity to ask spiritual masters all the questions his heart desires. The book is entertaining and intriguing.

Read the author’s note and excerpts at Gary Renard.com.

This might be just the right book at the right time for you in your  continuing Supernal Adventure. Enjoy!

Take care–