Like the Song Says — Let It Go

by Dana Taylor

It’s 2017, five years since the Shift of 2012, the very beginning of a 25,000 year cycle. While some were hoping for a beautiful lift of consciousness for all of humanity– the end of strife, war, and violence–it’s clearly not working out that way. Caught in the grinding gears of Shift, we have entered a time de-struction. Old institutions, technology, political models, education systems aren’t working anymore. Collapse and change is everywhere on a global scale.

How about on a personal level? Have you noticed old things falling away from your life? Is there an increase in deaths around you? Are long term relationships falling apart? There may be someone you’ve considered a life-long friend who suddenly drops you. Another friend reveals political and social thinking so divisive, there appears to be no common ground. Jobs are changing, relatives are moving away, churches are splitting.

The nonsensical notion to “Make America Great Again,” reveals the national fear of change. Many want to “go back.” But, the Shift is upon us. There is no going back. As individuals we can either consciously recognize this reality and make plans to move forward or get stuck in resistance and denials.

Grief, fear, and pessimism can overwhelm us and drag us into apathy, which, of course, only makes things worse. In my case, several unexpected deaths have occurred in my circle of acquaintance, close family members moved far away, my inner circle of friends is changing and I’m still adjusting to widowhood.

As Elsa in Frozen sings, Let It Go. Whatever is no longer working, whether it be a relationship, job, community group or political affiliation, we need to release it. Elsa had been hiding her true self and trying to fulfill other people’s expectations. She couldn’t do it anymore and sings her iconic song. For a while she lost her family, friends, and home, but ultimately she created a new reality for herself that allowed her to be free.

I share this message I received during meditation this week, as I think it applies to many:

This is a time of incubation, gestation. A new life is growing, but birth is not yet ready. Do not despair that you feel unproductive. In truth, you are in the process of production in unseen ways.  It is still a period of letting old things, old relationships, old versions of yourself go. Clean the space to make ready for the new.

Finish your tasks at hand. Get your life in order. Enjoy the quiet obscurity of the moment. It takes time for the stars to align. Then the next era will begin.

Spiritual Energy Coach, Lee Harris, offers months Energy Updates. I found his update for November particularly insightful. Give it a listen:

So, whatever you are resisting, whatever grievances you are holding, release them. In that way you will clear a path to new opportunities and relationships to enrich your life.

Be like Elsa ~ Let It Go.

Bright blessings~~

Dana Taylor