Supernal Living: Part One- Attunements

I love reading books about quantum physics—not that I fully understand them. The tome I’m currently ingesting in small bites is entitled The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. I read these books in an attempt to understand the life I find myself living.

A couple weeks ago our dear friend, Helen, visited us in Southern California. If you’ve read Ever-Flowing Streams, or just the Prologue here, you’ll recognize Helen as the Reiki therapist I first encountered in 2005. Through her I received my first and second level Reiki attunements. This visit promised to open a new door of exploration to something called the Oneness Blessing, which is a growing movement that began in India about twenty years ago.

During the course of her visit, the Supernal Friends (Paula & Sue) and I received three “blessings” during our mediation times together. What exactly is that? This started me thinking about the phenomena of receiving frequency adjustments in various manners.

In my life journey, I’ve received a variety of these experiences in different guises. They’re given different names. In Christian Evangelical circles they’re called “receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit,” being “slain in the spirit”, being “anointed.” In Reiki they are called “attunements”. White time universal energy followers call them “openings.” Now the Oneness movement is calling them “deeksha” or “receiving blessings.” In my lifetime I’ve been “baptized”, “slain,” “anointed,” “attuned,” “opened,” and now “blessed.” I’ve even been “gazed upon” by the healer Braco. I realize that makes me look like some kind of energy-junkie, but most of these experiences just came my way—or I was dragged by my Supernal Friends.

In the case of my earliest Christian experiences, they were spontaneous moments alone in my home during prayer sessions. Unique energies appear to be transmitting from somewhere beyond our third dimension through humans to other humans. The Pentecostal movement that has now affected millions of people worldwide began in 1906 at a church on Azusa Street in Los Angeles. One of the hallmarks is receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Believers feel a palpable change in their bodies. It affects people in various ways—they might feel joy, love, laughter, tears, or forgiveness. Many are healed of diseases. Some fall down on the floor, totally overcome by the power of the vibration. They feel connected to God and Jesus.

On the other side of the Pacific Ocean in 1922 a Japanese physician, Dr. Mikao Usui, went on a spiritual retreat to Mt. Kurama. On the twenty first day of prayer and fasting he received a frequency vibration called Reiki (god’s light) and started a healing movement that now has thousands of practitioners.

More recently, a husband and wife in India known as Bhagavan and Amma founded a children’s school in the 1980’s that has evolved into the Oneness University. Students come from all over the world and multiple religions to be transformed by the Oneness Blessing. The “deeksha” or Oneness Blessing is quietly spreading across the globe. Awakening into Oneness by Arjuna Ardagh offers a reporter-like presentation of the Oneness movement.

These are only three examples of the vibrational frequencies that are changing our world by first altering our minds and bodies. I like the term “attunement” best, because it reminds me of tuning a piano. The wire strings are adjusted by a master tuner to change the pitches and bring the instrument into perfect harmony. I think that is what all these frequency adjustments are leading to. For myself, it’s been a multi-decade series of “attunements.” Each one requires adjustment. Perceptions change. Physical and emotional healings evolve. Talents sharpen. Priorities switch. Awareness of other dimensions increases.

Many of us are beginning to lead “multi-dimensional” lives. That’s why I read books on quantum physics. They offer a scientific viewpoint to experiences some call paranormal and others call just plain crazy. We call it “Supernal Living.”

3 comments on “Supernal Living: Part One- Attunements

  1. Nice, Dana. Yep, lots of scientific partial validations of the multi-dimensional energy thing going on. I recommend Morgan Freeman’s show on the Science Channel called Through the Wormhole. Some nice, as clear as you can get, explanations of how the physicists are thinking about these things.

  2. Dana, I just saw your ‘part two’ post on Facebook and wanted to read part one first.

    I can remember attending church many years with a childhood friend, and each time I went to her church, I ‘got saved’ (many times!). I always came away feeling changed. Life has directed my path to some very interesting experiences. I do feel blessed…and more ‘attuned’ with each experience.

    Lady Joanne, I intend to watch Through the Wormhole. I would also recommend What the Bleep Do We Know.

    • Yes, it’s my experience that we can keep being “fine tuned” in spiritual or therapy settings. I thought “What The Bleep” was terrific. It put many of these concepts in fun visual formats. I need to watch it again!


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