“Ever-Flowing Streams” nominated for award

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I’m pleased to announce that EVER-FLOWING STREAMS has been named a Finalist in the Religion & Spirituality Category in the eFestival of Words Independent Ebook Awards, sponsored by BardsandSages.com.

You can view all the nominees in many categories here: http://www.efestivalofwords.com/post761.html#p761

Be sure to vote for EVER-FLOWING STREAMS while you’re there!

Book Description


“Ever-Flowing Streams” chronicles the author’s spiritual adventures through the seemingly disconnected avenues of Christianity, the Japanese healing system of Reiki, quantum physics, and past-life therapy. While living a middle-class, conventional life, the author is drawn to the healing prayer wave of the 1980’s. Seeking a healthier life and answers to a recurring medical mystery, she goes beyond the boundaries of the church to study the emerging mind-body-spirit movements of the day. In 2005, an encounter with a Reiki therapist changes her life and challenges her belief system. Ultimately, the book deals with the power of prayer and includes exercises for readers to explore their own healing possibilities.
Available exclusively as an ebook at Amazon

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