“Lessons from the Source” Inspire

Lessons from the Source: A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life's JourneyLESSONS FROM THE SOURCE by Jack Armstrong is a book of inspired channeled messages that resonate with authenticity. I’ve been following Jack for a few years now and have been impressed with his humble, but wise manner. He offers his material without a heavy dose of ego bolstering. Jack is the Real Deal.

From the book description:

Thirty years ago, Jack Armstrong began receiving a series of simple and practical life lessons from an unknown inner source. While he did not understand where they were coming from or why they were being presented to him, it was clear the teachings were unlike any he had encountered during his own spiritual quest. He continued recording the lessons but kept them a secret from family and friends, fearing they might question his sanity. Years passed before he gathered the courage to share these writings, but when he did, the response was overwhelming. Lessons from the Source is a collection of those writings that offers a new perspective on spiritual issues most of us grapple with regularly. This spiritual guidebook discusses the nature of life’s journey, the challenges we confront, ways to overcome the challenges, and opportunities to make the journey more enjoyable. Like the Conversations with God books and A Course in Miracles, the insights found in Lessons from the Source reflect a source of wisdom that explains the deeper truths of our lives. It offers down-to-earth, yet profound and powerful, lessons about life and spirituality, posing a refreshing perspective about our life on earth.
This is very clean, channelled material that I used as a spiritual pick-me-up in the mornings. Jack avoids interjecting his perspectives and ego and lets the material speak for itself. There is a lot of similarity to the Abraham-Hicks information, without coining catchy phrases. The most enduring theme is “Claiming and Accepting Your Good.” Taken as a daily devotional, the ideas raise us out of our worries and mind chatter. The Source seeks to take us from an attitude of Duality (me here, God there) to Non-Duality (Divinity & Me united).
Chapter One kicks off with this passage:
You are one with the entire universe–its substance, its intelligence, its activity….You are an expression of my divinity, where all is in order.
Did the material rock my world? No, but it might rock someone else’s who isn’t so familiar with this kind of thinking. “Lessons” offers a daily dose of uplifting thoughts and  a paradigm shift toward living plugged into Spirit. The ideas can be sipped and steeped as you move through your day.
   At the end Armstrong offers a short, candid accounting of his life journey, which has had very human struggles. He doesn’t come close to taking on a guru persona and is still trying to incorporate the ideas he received so long ago. It takes courage to reveal messages that seem to come from another mind and it took him decades to go public with the information. As more and more people reveal their encounters with Divinity, it will become our “new normal.”
   As the catch-phrase goes– “Change your life, change your thinkingLESSONS FROM THE SOURCE is a good place to start.
UPDATE: August 2015– New release from Jack Armstrong-

Affirmations of the Soul, Volume One

51uPibvPH4L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ “In Jack Armstrong’s newest book, he shares powerful and positive affirmations that remind us of spiritual truths we already know, help us release our attachment to negative thoughts or emotions, and clear the pathway to a more joyous, fulfilling and abundant life.

The affirmations included in Affirmations of the Soul, which will be the first volume of a continuing series, address issues as varied as spiritual guidance, the manifestation of desires, letting go of despair, living in the moment and financial abundance.”

I look forward to downloading this latest offering from Jack. I’m sure it will be a good way to begin my days.

Visit Lessons From The Source for more information.

2 comments on ““Lessons from the Source” Inspire

  1. Hey Dana thanks for your review of this book, I haven’t heard of this author before. I like that he has just channelled the message without adding any of his own ego interpretation to it, just let it simple be as is. Awesome! Look forward to picking up his books some time soon.

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