Supernal work-out

Trudie Styler's Pure Sculpt DVD Don’t you love Big Lots? Always an unexpected treasure to bring home. This week I happened upon an exercise video for a price so low, it would make you jealous. Gaiam is the go-to company for fitness products. Trudie Styler’s workout video PURE SCULPT is just my speed. Not too jumpy, not too bendy, and yet working all the falling parts pretty well.

Set against a Tuscany background, Trudie and her hunky companion (whose name I haven’t caught) flow through ten-minute segments of core strengthening, lower body, and pure arms. The movements feel like a cross between Tai Chi and yoga. Just about the time you start to feel the burn, you mercifully move onto another muscle set. The movements are easy to follow, even for the most workout-challenged participant, such as yours truly. The next day brings the slight muscular reminder of the routine–so you know something good must have happened.

Exercise is definitely part of Supernal Living, but everyone needs to find their style.If you like toning up in the privacy of your living room, consider give PURE SCUPLT a try.

See full info at Gaiam website.

One comment on “Supernal work-out

  1. Also Dana. For those that CANNOT work out too hard for what ever reason, there is also, Walk away the pound’s by Lesley Sannson. I’m not sure of the spelling in the last name.

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