“Paranormal” is the New Normal

Let me take you back about five years ago. After receiving amazing healings through Reiki energy treatments, three friends–Dana, Sue, and Paula, began exploring energy healing, metaphysical subjects, having meditation times and started a website Supernal Friends for fun. Sue and Paula did not share their last names, largely because they felt their brothers might not appreciate their interest in these things.

Fast forward to 2013–one of those brothers, Larry, is now leading the way with his FAMILY FIRST PARANORMAL website. If you’ve read Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping Into Healing Energy, you know some of Paula’s story. Now you can see her on the web helping the spirit of a murdered young girl follow the light. It all makes for interesting viewing.



Click Here to see next segment–Paula Helps

Yup, “paranormal” is getting to be the new “normal” all the time!

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