Visionary Fiction Leader, Jacob Nordby

The Divine Arsonist: A Tale of AwakeningOne of the more interesting, creative genres emerging in the writing world is being labeled “Visionary Fiction.” Jacob Nordby is part of the vanguard of authors presenting New Thought philosophy in the fictional fashion.  The Divine Arsonist : A Tale of Awakening is a sort of modern Pilgram’s Progress, featuring an American business man, Jacob, and his spiritual journey.

Jacob is a hard-driving type-A personality, reaching for the American Dream. He has it all–the growing business, the pretty wife, two great kids, a few extra pounds, and a growing sense of dissatisfaction. Enter Lucius, a mysterious messenger, challenging Jacob to meet him next week at his Idaho cabin. His life will be irrevocably changed. The choice is his.

Driven by inner guidance and a need to find Who You Really Are, Jacob takes the challenge. What unfolds is a mystical journey that strips him bare, literally and figuratively. His metaphysical experiences are the stuff dreams are made of. The guides he meets all have lessons to teach. He emerges from the harrowing, sometimes blissful, experience transformed.

Jacob Nordby is a gifted writer. He tackles difficult scenes–dream sequences, pedantic conversations, revelations–with a deft touch. He is especially adroit  at description. He uses fresh analogies. The hills of Idaho come alive. Astral projection, doomsday visions, and other-worldly adventures are easily imagined. Even though much of the journey is supernatural, his main character remains very human.

The reader senses the real story is about to unfold as the new Jacob re-enters society with a greater awareness of what is really important in life. What sort of impact will the enlightened Jacob have on the people and planet? Perhaps, in a few years another installment of Jacob’s life will make for fascinating reading.

As value systems change and global awareness increases in the area of spirituality without religion, books like The Divine Arsonist will influence the world, one reader at a time. If there is hope for the world, it is in young people with vision, like Jacob Nordby.

Read more about Jacob Nordby at Your Awakened Self.


 1st Place Winner E-Festival of Words

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8 comments on “Visionary Fiction Leader, Jacob Nordby

  1. Dana

    I appreciate this review more than you know (or, being a successful author yourself, you probably do know). You have great insight into this book and it means a lot that you took the time to review it.

    I just got a copy of your Everflowing Streams of Energy–and look forward to getting to know you better by reading your work.

    Thanks again and deep blessings to you,

    Jacob Nordby

  2. Hello Jacob and Dana,

    It’s good to meet more fellow Visionary Fiction authors! Your book, Jacob, sounds like a very good tale, and indeed fits right in with Visionary Fiction’s theme of awakening consciousness in story. Actually, both you and Dana, fit right in so well in this genre.

    I’m a founding member of the recently created Visionary Fiction Alliance. We just launched our new blog with virtual blog blessings and a blog article series on the role of Visionary Fiction today. Our goal is to increase awareness of the VF genre for authors, readers, and publishers. I invite you to stop by, be in the company of other excellent VF authors…and I also invite you to consider joining the VFA – you will be in good comradeship!

    Jodine Turner

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