Supernal Living with Dana Taylor

 From Scared to Sacred: Lessons in Learning to Dance with Life.

Therapist Carol Woodliff demonstrates what can happen when  “still small voice” whispers turn into full-blown lessons for abundant living.   From Scared to Sacred: Lessons in Learning to Dance with LifeUsing an interesting mix of channelled information and  memoir, Woodliff provides an uplifting and entertaining guide to positive living.

Carol Woodliff is a shaman, healer, and hypnotherapist who has crossed my path in writing circles. Over the past couple of years I’ve come to “know” her through the social media. If I had to use one word to describe both her book and Carol Woodliff, the person, I would choose “authentic.” She has an authentic desire to help people heal and grow; she has an authentic hunger for personal spiritual growth. She doesn’t use hype or sell CD’s on how to become a guru in twelve easy steps. No, Carol, has experienced life-changing communications and used them to change her life. Her book…

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