Tuning into Sound Therapy

“Sound is the medicine of the future”—Edgar Cayce

Sound is energy; Sound is Color; Sound is Form; Sound Transforms Form; Sound Can Heal

10603320_824314280933637_3442040983692971082_n Debbie Nuccio Durrough, Reiki and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, and Heartbeat of Reiki Drumming Master Teacher TUNE INTO SOUND

by Dana Taylor

As someone who works with healing energy, I’ve developed a rudimentary understanding that healing energy has a frequency wave. All sound also carries a frequency. Can sound waves be used for healing? It makes sense in my world. So, when the opportunity came up for me to take a seminar on Sound Therapy, I signed up for the course at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, CA. Debbie Nuccio Durrough teaches many modalities of energy healing in the Southern California area. Her website, Tune Into Sound, presents a treasure trove of educational information about a variety of healing-related subjects. Debbie presented an overview of the various tools of sound used by healers to promote wellness in their clients.

Tibetan Tingshas—These cymbals date back to ancient times and have been used in healing, ceremonies, and meditation for centuries. They were a new experience for me. Their pleasant full-toned ring permeated the air. Debbie tapped them together to initiate the tone over a volunteer lying on a massage table. Used as an awareness tool, it was interesting to hear the tone “wobble” over areas that needed healing. Fascinating!

Singing Bowls—Made out of opaque glass or metal, these bowls can be played to produce an amazing array of tones. Incorporated intuitively be a healer, the possibilities to aid healing are intriguing. I need to start my collection!

Tuning ForksThe frequency of a tuning fork is very specific and tangible. I purchased an OM tuning fork, which is set at 136.10 Hz. The tone can be heard by the ear; the waves can be felt by the body. These are powerful tools to inject frequencies directly into a client, either over specific organs or at reflexology points on the hands and feet. They aren’t to be used carelessly. Healers should receive Tuning Fork Safety Protocol Training before implementing them in a healing practice, as they are not appropriate for everybody. People with steel implants, stints, or pacemakers may have them disturbed. Pregnant women might go into labor. Used properly, a tuning fork can be employed as an effective therapeutic tool.

I’ve been playing with the one I purchased on myself. It’s interesting to “feel” the energy waves as I pass it over my body after “inviting” it on a rubber hockey puck that serves as the “striker.” There are palpable differences over areas where I’ve had injuries. I’m applying it on the reflexology areas on my palm to treat certain organ systems. I can see that it would be efficacious in releasing blockages in the energy flow.

Drums–While Debbie only touched on the area of drumming (they are a whole other learning curve in themselves), she demonstrated the ocean drum she uses as she begins her healing sessions. Hundreds of bebes are sealed into the well of a hand-held drum. As they roll across the surface of the drum, they sound like ocean waves or rain falling, excellent for inducing a meditative state.

On the table–I volunteered to be the client as Debbie demonstrated all the sound therapy tools. First the ocean drum hummed over my body; next the tingsha cymbals scanned, revealing a dodgy knee and an area of concern  in the abdominal region. Debbie stimulated those areas with the tuning fork, along with applying the vibrating rod to reflexology points. She finished up by running Reiki energy from head to toe. Wow, I got the full treatment! Not surprisingly, afterwards I was thirsty and tired–sure signs of cleansing and healing. I slept like a rock that night.

Summary: Sound Therapy is an area of worthy of exploration in the ever-growing field of holistic medicine. Here are some links to related articles on Sound Therapy altMD, EHowHealth, Singing Bowls, Tuning Fork Therapy


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