Coo-Coo for Coconuts

A few weeks ago during my meditation hour I asked, “Is there anything I should be adding to my life?”

The answer came quickly, “Coconuts.”

Interesting. You know how it goes, suddenly coconuts were everywhere. I walked into Sprouts and couldn’t miss hundreds of cans of coconut water. Did you know coconut water is so close to human blood plasma, that it is administered intravenously in emergency situations  to save lives? It’s a great pick-me-up with electrolytes and potassium. I stocked up and use it as the base of my shakes.

Next, I went for a massage and energy treatment from the wonderful Dale Arend, aka Dahlia, (author of  Follow the River) and she slathered me from head to toe in coconut oil.

Finally, a book on the benefits of coconut oil popped up in my email. Coconut Oil: Miraculous Benefits for a Healthier, Skinnier, and More Beautiful You  by Amber Cavill extols coconut oil in all its glory. While it used to get a bad rap as a heart clogging menace, those fears have been disproven. In fact, coconut oil may actually lower cholesterol levels. It improves thyroid function and can reduce belly fat. See Dr. Oz’s article on the benefits of coconut oil here.

Cavill’s book covers the range of ways coconut oil can be incorporated into a healthy life style. Use it for cooking, skin care and even your sex life!

Here are a few items from the list of 100 uses for coconut oil at the back of the book:

  • Substitute for other cooking oils
  • Use in salad dressing
  • Natural antibacterial skin cream
  • Use as a diaper and baby cream
  • Use a natural sunscreen (SPF4)
  • Condition damaged hair

Order Coconut Oil: Miraculous Benefits for a Healthier, Skinnier, and More Beautiful You  and discover for yourself all the joys of coconut oil. Personally, I love it as a chemical-free skin cream. Look for an organic version in your grocery store with the baked good items.

I’m definitely coo-coo for coconuts!

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