When Angels Speak

 Angelic Life Coach, Peg Jones, has brought together messages from her angels in a daily devotional and spiritual exercise format to foster personal growth. Begin your days with a word from the Angelic Realm!

619EqTQCSAL._SL1024_Living in the Heart Place with Your Angels: Daily Angelical Whispers throughout The Year is a three year project of channeling inspiring messages from author Peg Jones’ angels. There is a message for each day of the year with a journal exercise.  The angels speak of  many different things, such as love, peace, heart place, joy, healing and healing with color.  They offer self empowerment and hope for you in the dreams you may have for yourself and others. An example of the message is as follows:

April 2

Today we find that when we heal, we heal from the inside out. We get rid of all that is not serving our personal good. The many layers that there are will clear when we are diligent about the healing process. As these layers peel away we will start to feel better and we will be able to see and feel what living in the heart place truly is. We will feel more love and peace within ourselves than we’ve ever felt before. We will feel the clarity of the healing that is taking place. We will understand that we don’t have to hold on to what no longer serves us. Let the Universe help you with this.

Journal exercise:

What are you letting go of and healing today? Think about it and journal about it.

The daily journal exercises will help you to see how you can learn to see how the angels can guide you in your life on a daily basis.

Available at Amazon and author central on Amazon. http://amzn.to/17sEmGv The book can also be purchased on Create Space at the Create Space Store.

Peg Jones is a certified Angelic Life Coach, Author of many ezines that are online, and also a Reiki II practitioner, and an Akashic Records Practitioner. She teaches classes on her website and will be starting her mastermind classes for her book starting in the fall.  Peg also has her own radio show on Blog Talk Radio.  Her page on Blog Talk is Angelical Whispers.  Peg’s website is http://pegsangelcalwhispers.com Visit her blog at http://angelicalwhispers.wordpress.com/     Peg lives in Massachusetts with her husband Jonathan.  Peg had been a teacher of pre-school and special needs for many years before she became an Angelic Life Coach.

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