“Things That I Believe In,” Thoughts of John Denver

Are these the thoughts of John Denver?

I haven’t read this book, but I’ve formed a cyber friendship with inspirational  Australian author and medium, Janice Hunneybell. This book certainly sounds intriguing. Download it for free this New Years Holiday! DT

Through the mediumship of Janice Hunneybell, John, a singer, songwriter and environmentalist, communicates from beyond with the message that human consciousness continues after physical death. He shares his thoughts on life’s deepest questions – what happens when we die and why we are here – and talks about forgiveness, gratitude, fear and many other subjects in an informal but informative way, illustrating his message with personal examples. With the wisdom of hindsight, having looked back on the lessons of his own life and also having learned a great deal since his dramatic exit from the physical world, John gives his opinion on how to make the most of the life we have.

This book has helped and inspired many people since it was first published. Some people say it has changed their life. It is a book that provides insights and food for thought for spiritual seekers, whether they are on a new pathway or a well trodden one, and also for those who are coping with bereavement or are curious about the afterlife. It is also for anyone who has reached the point of wondering what life is all about and if they have a purpose and for those who find themselves thinking, ‘There really must be more to life than this … ‘

For a small book it covers some huge topics. John does not try to convince anyone of anything, believing that it is for the reader to make up their own mind and to trust their own heart. He says, ‘I am not asking anyone to believe in me … Your belief or otherwise will not affect our pathway and it will not affect the fact of (my) existence, only in your own mind … however, I would appreciate the privilege of sharing what I have learned with you if you are open to receiving it.’  John’s warmth and humour shine through and complex concepts are discussed in a readable and down-to-earth way.

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One comment on ““Things That I Believe In,” Thoughts of John Denver

  1. It’s fantastic! Everyone who loves John or anyone who doubts there is an afterlife would get a lot out it. And, Jan is brilliant at putting it all together. 2nd book very good too:)

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