Past-Life Regression on a Hardwood Floor

UPDATE September 2014:

Mira Kelley now has a book out, which is on my TBR list. Hay House is very selective about their authors. If you’re intrigued by past lives, check out Ms. Kelley. Below is my impression of her from the workshop I attended last year.

Beyond Past Lives: What Parallel Realities Can Teach Us About Relationships, Healing and Transformation by Mira Kelley


Last fall I saw a facebook ad for a Past-Life Regression workshop in Santa Monica with Mira Kelley. I had never heard of her, but with a quick click, I read her website and watched a couple of YouTube clips about her. She has risen to fame via endorsements by the New Age heavy-hitter, Wayne Dyer, no less. Since Santa Monica is a only a few freeways to the west, I decided to pony up the price of admission and go check out Ms. Kelley for myself.

The session took place at a yoga studio. Ms. Kelley sat on a cushion on a platform and the rest of us staked out a place on a hard, shiny wooden floor for FIVE hours with only a thin mat and pillow to keep us comfortable. I must say, I did fairly well for a woman who remembers the day that Kennedy was shot. Mira first told us her personal story on the path to making past life therapy her vocation. You can hear all the details for yourself at her website, MIRA KELLEY.

Mira Kelley mirakelley.comMira is a lovely woman with a lilting voice, colored with a slight Eastern European accent. Hypnosis is her game, and she has just the right tone for it. Smooth as glass, rhythmic and lulling as a rocking chair. When we finally got to the part to lay down (on that HARD floor), her sing-song sentences sent many right into another time and place. There were a few snores, as well. Afterwards, people shared fascinating tales.

Personally, I’ve had more coherent past-life recollections in the comfort of my living room, where my limbs weren’t losing circulation, using meditation techniques and linking to the Akashic Records. Still, Mira is a compelling personality and I’m glad I had the opportunity to spend the hours in her presence.

Kelley is part of a growing contingent of educated, thinking people taking reincarnation seriously. They work with clients on current life issues by exploring the influences of previous lives. If you’ve read my story in EVER-FLOWING STREAMS: TAPPING INTO HEALING ENERGY, you know that my world view changed radically when a past-life connection was revealed to me by a Reiki therapist. My life was changed and healed on many levels. It took me several years to come to terms with all the ramifications of that connection.

Mira has posted the one hour documentary IN ANOTHER LIFE on her website. It is the best film I have seen highlighting the pioneers of Western study on reincarnation, Dr. Ian Stevenson (Children Who Remember Previous Lives) and Carol Bowman (Children’s Past Lives). There are many other people interviewed who deal with past life therapy on a daily basis. If you want to spend a fascinating hour, watch IN ANOTHER LIFE:REINCARNATION IN AMERICA


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