A Hero with Mystical Talents

JackmasterfinaldonergbOf all the books I’ve written, The Adventures of Jaguar Jack is the one that took off in mystical directions I didn’t see coming.

The character of Jaguar Jack Campbell grew to surprising depths as his psychic abilities emerged. At first glance he’s a shallow Hollywood celebrity, but there’s much more than meets the eye in Jack. He resists his heroic destiny, but it can’t be avoided. Of course, he can’t fight evil all on his own. Maggie Savannah, US Marine, is ordered on a secret mission with Jack. She resists the idea of working with a civilian celebrity. They get off to a rough start, but have to work as a team, whether they like it or not.

Join their adventure on the mythical island of Paradisio to rescue a missionary kidnapped by terrorists. They may be fighting much more than mere humans.

The Adventures of Jaguar Jack–adventure and romance with a mystical touch! 


Amazon Customer Review : “This book was an absolute joy to read! The author doesn’t waste any time at all drawing you in. Jack Campbell is a charming Aussie wildlife enthusiast with a reality TV show, and a big secret. Maggie is a marine with a mission. The plot is fast moving and the dialogue is witty and smart. The author’s descriptive narrative is the best I have read in quite a while.

This is a romantic story and a thriller between good and evil. It did get a little preachy at times but it fit the story line; the kidnapped character is a missionary and we needed to understand her character, so it gets a pass. If you are looking for something fast, furious, totally heart melting, adventurous, and a little mystical this is a good book for you. I loved it.” 

On special in the Kindle Store for only $2.99 cents– Amazon

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