Waking Maya, A Visionary Tale

71SptChN21LTaking subjects like remote viewing, quantum physics, and vortices and weaving them into a cohesive piece of fiction requires an author of finesse and skill. Warren Goldie married his strong writing background and his interest in spirituality and metaphysics to create an engaging tale in Waking Maya.

The story begins with 20-year-old Maya digging a grave for her beloved cat under a tree in her backyard. Her shovel hits a metal box. The message she finds inside sets her off on a life-changing adventure–the search for her long-lost father.

Ben Ambrose, man of mystery. Psychic. Visionary. Spy? Maya finds herself caught between government forces and a secret society, wondering who is friend and who is foe. And of course, the future of the world is at stake.

What makes this tale so fun are the metaphysical elements threaded throughout the story, even as we come to care for Maya, her father, and assorted well-developed characters. If you’re looking for an enjoyable piece of visionary fiction, download Waking Maya by Warren Goldie.



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One comment on “Waking Maya, A Visionary Tale

  1. I just put this review up at Amazon. Waking Maya is an excellent example of Visionary Fiction, in which growth of consciousness is the central theme. The chapter titles alone hint to the fact that this book evokes thought as well as entertains. “The In-Between Time; The Inner Medium; Body Consciousness; The Message of the Trees.” Are the sweeping cultural changes happening in our world and the rapid growth in social awareness random? Or are we a race that is searching, using the powerful tool of the mind? The book examines these matters as part of a fictional story that grips you on page one and doesn’t release you until the end. And even then, the questions linger: Is it possible — through the power of coordinated intention and desire — to create the events in the world? Is it possible — through our collective consciousness — to attain world peace? A book well worth reading.

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