Book Review: New Age Classic “The Parables of Kryon”


“The Parables of Kryon” by Lee Carroll was first published in 1996. At that time I was living in Oklahoma, the buckle of the Bible Belt, basically a galaxy away from Del Mar, CA where Mr. Carroll was at the forefront of the New Age movement. The Kryon material is channeled information, which in many circles still has the connotation of being straight from the Devil’s Lair. I’ve found channeled material to run the gamut from the ridiculous (“greetings, Earthlings”) to life changing (“A Course in Miracles”).

Since acquiring a Kindle, I enjoy exploring all the spiritual book lists seeking the rare gem, the classic I missed along the way. I’d vaguely heard of Lee Carroll and Kryon, even in the insulated heartland, and decided to risk perdition by downloading “The Parables of Kryon.” What I discovered was a delightful collection of twenty deceptively “simple” stories rich with profound life lessons.  Just as Jesus taught the villagers of his day through tales like The Prodigal Son, The Sower of Seeds, and The Good Samaritan, Kryon shares his philosophy via the storytelling tool.

The book begins with the brief “Parable of the Tar Pit” where everyone thinks being covered in tar is normal until one person is suddenly washed clean. Carroll serves as interpreter of the Kryon tales he receives, spelling out the spiritual lesson in case you missed it. Disciples can be a little dense, as Jesus learned when he had to explain the Sower of the Seeds analogy to his followers. Likewise, Carroll makes clear the philosophical lessons behind “The Big, Fuzzy Caterpillar” (a wormy creature who misses the chance to become a butterfly), “The Two Groups of Warriors” (reminiscent of putting on the whole armor of God in Ephesians), “David the Indian” (who breaks through foggy boundaries) and the rest with summaries at the end of each story.

I found myself reading one parable a morning, like a daily devotional, ruminating on the spiritual lessons, sometimes agreeing, sometimes not, but each story was always food for thought. The piece stands as a sort of spiritual movement historical marker, using phrases like “New Age” and “life contract” that were once new and have now taken on a lot of baggage.  The order of the stories starts with universal life lessons that would not rock many boats to increasingly New Age concepts of reincarnation and karmic principles that would definitely send mainstream Christians back behind their fences.

Still, for those spiritual explorers who enjoyed hearing Bible stories in Sunday school, “The Parables of Kryon” delivers some interesting concepts in a variety of entertaining tales.

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  1. Interesting to see you discovering the Kryon channel. Well thought-out analysis of the Parables and great connections to the Christian viewpoint. Many of Carroll’s early straight channeling books are a bit of a wade to get through as he tries to figure out how best to “translate” what he’s getting. Christians would definitely hide in their basements over some of the early stuff, but he’s gotten way more accessible in the last 10 years. I highly recommend Carroll’s allegorical fictional work, The Journey Home. Nearly perfect in its explanation of how a soul finds its Higher Self. I use the symbolism in my own meditations to this day. Thanks, Dana!

    • Actually, I picked up a copy of “The Journey Home” in a used bookstore as my introduction to the Kryon material. I found it quite fascinating also. I haven’t delved into the Indigo Children from Lee Carroll, but that’s on my TBR list also. So many ideas, so little time!

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    Subject : Kryon Fraud

    Date : Thu, Oct 20, 2016 10:15 AM




    “Akashic Workshop Channelling”
    27:09 minutes
    32.7 megabytes

    mark 0048 (last two digits are seconds)
    Good evening dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

    Some of you know I’ve already been channelling. You felt it. You know what (?) happens. It’s part of the meld that my partner and I have developed. When I asked him if he was ready to go to another level.

    (Okay so you asked him if he was ready to go to another level; what happened next. There is no reply. Why? Oh sorry I forgot we “humans” have difficulty understanding, it is hard for us; so therefore no reply.)

    And it’s the same level that I ask you the same question about. He (?) cannot have everyone the same and you know you’re not.

    (What in the world do the two previous sentences mean?. They are incomprehensible statements.)

    mark 0039
    Your akash is so different. Each one of you, you might say, is a specialist on this planet, very very unique. The lives you’ve had, the languages you’ve spoken, the cultures you’ve been in, since the beginning, some of you. A really remarkable.

    Mark 0301
    So you cannot then give one statement to all. One instruction to all. One question to all. But you can give the same question to an individual soul.

    (That sounds totally wrong. Of course you can make general statements about anyone and groups to boot. You can of course ask the same question of all. What are yo saying with you statement “give the same question to an individual soul?” This is nonsense!)

    And so I am talking to the core of each. That that which you would call the eternal part of you.

    (Alright, I’ll bite, what core are you talking about? What “eternal part are you talking about? No answer.)

    mark 0332
    Do you believe you will return or at least that you continue past your death? And if you do, what is it, and what part of it that is you that continues? There’s a core within you that has always been here, life after life.

    (There is not one iota of evidence to support your contention. There is no scientific support for your claim. The only possible thing is the molecules, atoms and such that remain part of the earth. Nothing else remains.)

    Your higher self, if you wish to call it that, is your best friend. It is the only thing that you have that is similar from lifetime to lifetime.

    (Did you not say that the “innate” was identical from life to life? What gives?)

    And so you hang on to that. Unless it is however, that you have lost track of it.

    (If the higher self IS the only thing that carries on from lifetime to lifetime, there is no way in hell that we would lose track of it. Explain yourself Kryon. Don’t give us open ended statements with no backup and no explanation.)

    mark 0416
    This energy is going to promote a situation where you then connect again.

    (Alright now you are on to “energy”. What energy? Where does it come from? What is it? What does it do? – So we’re going to connect again, alright; connect with who, we disconnected from what, our higher self, unclear.)

    Where you realize again where you energetically recognize and remember again.

    (Again total senseless statements with no apparent meaning. Ramblings of a lunatic.)

    mark 0438
    I had my partner consider naming this very meeting today “not mining the akash” but “mining the crystalline akash”. Because we have used the word crystalline over and over as a remembrance. And the remembrance this day is of the core.

    Mark 0507
    For those who are not here, and listening later, I am surrounded in this chair by beautiful lights.

    (Right!, there are several dozen lit candles on the floor at your feet and around the chair. Nice fire hazard.)

    Each one has been individually carried by the human being with intent who also has written something on a a piece of paper and put it next to me, where I sit. All of these things are metaphoric, god knows all. On the other side of the veil I we’ll tell you that energetically all of you are known. Not just known. There’s a place for you there. It’s a part of the fabric of the universe. It’s the core of you. It hides while you’re a human being. You hope it’s real what I’m saying to you.

    mark 0612
    The (?) past the shift that has happened. Now we can tell you that you have the ability to recognize it’s real, to remember it’s real. Every individual life I have around me represents a life but to me it’s a soul. If you were to project each soul on how many times that soul has inhabited an expression or a lifetime on the planet; I’m looking at tens of thousands of lights. But that’s not how I see you. I see the few of you as some of the original souls on the planet trying to work a puzzle that we have talked about and predicted now for twenty six (26) years. And for some of you sitting here this puzzle is heart breaking. And I know who you are.

    (Right Kryon, you know everything. How pretentious and unsupported claims. What puzzle are you talking about? You give glimmers of hopes to people in the audience by suggesting they may have been old souls from the very start of the planet. No substantiated statements, no proof, just conjecture, dreams to captivate an audience, all manipulations, all unfounded.)

    mark 0724
    And if I told you that there is purpose and love in these things you would then wonder where it is. So part of this cognizing the truth is to see the compassion in all things and understand there is reason. Sometimes you agree to have certain issues so that others will be able to change. Sometimes, you yourself, will change because of others and what they have gone through and what they’ve done or what they’ve said. And as life goes forward you realize what they did for you. And you wonder, was this an accident? Was there purpose? I’ll tell you. You came in with an agreement and it was one of such compassion that during this shift you had to do it. No other time was more purposeful than this one.

    (So we get to one of his main themes. Kryon is claiming there is a “shift” on the earth; what appears to be a rise in “consciousness”. How it is possible that consciousness is shifting, that newer energy is coming into the planet is not addressed. The energy of consciousness in my view is always the same; what changes is our ability to manipulate reality using existing energies, and those energies are the infinite individual consciousnesses of matter, the electrons, the molecules, the atoms, everything else that makes up the multiverse, including the consciousness of the earth itself.

    He brings up the “compassion” concept again. Compassion for what and why? What is this contract you are referring to? There is no contract unless you believe in god, an external force that controls you. I believe in my self-control, my own decision making. I do not have a contract with anything else. I decide the probabilities and choices of myself, nobody else has control over me and certainly not a god. Kryon and Lee are religious extremists and all of their claims and sayings surround a “benevolent”, a word he so enjoys using over and over and over, god with angels, divine lightworkers, etc. All of it religious symbolism. And he keeps repeating this refrain endlessly.)

    mark 0836
    Old (all or old?) souls are going through a lot (?), and each soul, each one of you, core souls, right now, in front me represented by a light, agreed to it. Not only that but you agreed to see the truth at some time and with free will, recognize it or not, with free will.

    (I assume he is referring to the “agreement” he claims we have made on entering this life but he offers no information with whom the agreement was made, why, and for what purpose. Being the religious man that he is I assume it is an agreement with his god but that is unclear. What is an agreement with our higher self, or as he has now introduced, our “core soul”, and by the way what is the “core soul”, more ideas to muddle the waters. Let us recall that the light he is referring to are the burning candle lights on the floor at his feet.)

    mark 0911
    And what is that truth? I’ll tell you what it is. That everything you thought was static was not. Everything is changeable. Everything is changeable. It’s the appropriateness of the change that you will decide for yourself and others, as you play out things, one with another.

    (No miraculous information here. Everything is in a state of flux, continual change, that is the basic nature of our reality. Mount Everest keeps climbing higher and higher every year as India slides under the Eurasian plate of earth, that is change, slow, but still change; so is the wind, the sun, the moon, everything changes. Our hair gets greyer, we slow down, all these things are changes. So what’s new Kryon. We learn nothing here!)

    mark 0941
    But the question I want to ask you, the one that I asked my partner, the sole question is this, are you ready to go to the next level?

    (This is such a gigantic sales pitch and marketing gimmick used now for several decades by all manner of marketing agents to manipulate us, to make us think we can go higher, better, stronger, etc. And of course what the next “level” really is remains undefined, unclear as to what it is. It then becomes a myth that nobody knows nor understands and is really never real. It is just a saying used to confuse the issues and to make you think you can achieve more, outdo yourself, burn yourself into the ground trying to do what is unachievable, a myth. So Kryon uses the same gimmick.)

    mark 0956
    The level is a meld, a 24/7 relationship with spirit.

    (Lee Carroll by implication claims that somehow we have divorced ourselves from our “higher self”, our spirit. I assume that is what he is saying as he remains cryptic on many things, on purpose. Is the “higher self” our “spirit”?)

    mark 1006
    My partner did not have that some years ago, and now he does. It affects him, it is affected him, it is giving him issues and problems. He looks at life different. Not all those around him do. For you it is the same. For the shift is here and so many of you are saying what can I do that’s different? What should I then accomplish which is different? What can I ram up now that is different?

    mark 1049
    And we say it again. Until you have this meld and feel it and live this truth 24/7 anything you do, listen, is useless. You’ve come to a point now where the core of you is going to start awakening and many of you are going to reject it because it feels too good.

    (The classic scenario, you have only yourself to blame for not achieving what I claim you can. Don’t blame me! So Lee says w remain useless, how nice of him to say so. So Lee give himself a way out of the pit so you cannot blame him for your own failures. And to add injury to insult he says you will reject it because it feels too good, how preposterous. The great manipulator at work.)

    mark 1123
    We spoke to groups recently and we actually said: “What’s wrong you?”

    (Alright Lee, where is YOUR compassion and understanding now?)

    Where is the joy factor? You say that you are beautiful, spiritual people and all you do is hunch over and moan about things. You don’t have a cheerful face, you’re always suffering like god wants you to suffer for some kind of payment to belie (?).

    (Well Kryon, that is what the church and most of other religions preach. We are born sinners, right! God help us. He sends us punishment and takes away our kids, kills them prematurely, takes our sons away, causes the wars we see on the planet and all manner of horrors and nightmares. So what is there to be happy about? I bought myself a big Mac today, I should give thanks to god for that? I got into a car accident leaving the McDonald too. Should I smile and thank god for that too? Is that what you mean? Should I smile and thank god for killing 25 000 people in a giant tsunami? Should I smile and thank god for causing the nuclear melt down of the Fukushima nuclear reactors that will cause many millions of cancers and deaths on the planet?)

    mark 1156
    You are all part of a beautiful universe that has light beyond measure. You’re going to start understanding that the meld will give you this joy factor, no matter what is happening in your life.

    (Well Kryon you are an old senile soul to think such things. Your deceptions and lies continue unabated.)

    It is an understanding beyond what you think you should have.

    (Is this the reason for you charging such high prices for people to attend your conferences and channelling? Is this the reason for your selling, tarot cards, DVDs, CDs, music and other garbage to make more money? What are you doing to help the poor and the destitute? What are you doing to help those in difficulty? Where is YOUR compassion for the needy? I see that it is totally absent and you are a liar.

    I see you doing nothing at all. You peddle your channelling to those who can afford the cruise ship seminars, the high cost hotels and motels, and other lavish establishments for several days at a time. You peddle to he high-end market and those foolish enough to spend thousands of dollars to hear you say lies.)

    It’s a peace that goes beyond anything that should be there. People will see you, the issues around you and they will see a beaming face not of laughter or frivolity but of joy and wisdom and maturity. And they’ll say: “What have you got?” And you won’t be able to describe it but I can.

    It’s your DNA literally is starting to shift and in a multi-dimensional way and the higher self is inhabiting every part of it.

    (All unproven claims. All lack any scientific validity. It is all pretense to suck the people into your arena to get money out of them. We have seen this before from thousands of other channellers claiming to be masters, angels, Lumerians, and other such nonsense, and of course let us not forget their biggest claim of all, and that is they speak for god. Did the vicars of christ, the popes, not claim that same thing and they caused numerous wars, the crusades, the purges, assassinations of non-believers, paedophilia heaven on earth for hundreds of thousands of priests, Jesuits conquering native people and destroying their cultures and lives, cardinals and other such godly figures on earth. This is your god Lee. We should all have joy and a smiling face on us all for that!)

    mark 1304
    Humans in an old religious and spiritual culture. You did your best. You found that which you wanted to emulate, be it a profit (prophet?) or a system and then you compartmentalized it. Compartmentalization is something that humans do because of the linearity of your thinking.

    (Oh sorry for being human Kryon. It is so hard for us to understand multidimensionality as you keep telling us to ram-up, go to the next level, be 24/7, such marketing bullshit to sell yourself.)

    mark 1333
    That which you try to emulate, then you put on a pedestal and you worship or learn about it, or give classes upon it, you put it in a place, you put on different clothes in a certain time or take off your shoes going into a sacred place where that thing is that you wish to emulate or, or worship or honour even.

    (Wow, you are describing exactly what Kryon and yourself are doing. Fantastic. Now you have solved the puzzle of Kryon, and the money making machine.)

    And there, your in that place or that building for a little while. And then you come out, you put on your shoes and you go, change your clothes and live normal. Am I getting through?

    (The self-validation question. Lee likes to ask that from time to time, seemingly lacking confidence in himself and looking for validation somehow.)

    mark 1416
    The question. Are you ready to take off your shoes full-time? That’s a metaphor. Are you ready to see the divinity of what you are trying to emulate inside and not outside? I’ll say it again. Are you ready to take off your shoes full-time? Are you ready to see the divinity of (or?) emulation of everything that you ever wanted to come from inside instead of outside. And that requires something that we talk about constantly, a re-evaluation of self worth.

    (My self worth does not require a self-evaluation, thank you very much. It is only because you have the audacity to tell people that they are not worthy, that they need to adjust their self-worth. Poppycock to your false and misleading claims. Perhaps it is you Lee that requires a re-evaluation of self worth, given all the money you make on your lavish seminars, channellngs and other sales. Shame on you. For a being that pretends to be a Master and a highly evolved spirit you sure need to surround yourself with a great deal of material possessions. Would you be lying to us all?)

    mark 1506
    Do you deserve it? Is it proper? If I had one thing to say to you, and had to leave the planet, I would say correct this and understand that there is no reason to be ashamed of the beauty of god.

    (So Lee wants us to continue the adoration and idolization of the god concept. That external creator that he claims is responsible for our existence. That which we must give thanks to for our existence. I don’t think so Lee. I for one have no wish to become a cultist in eternal adoration of a pagan god or any other god regardless of its source, above or below. I am my own being, and no other being, including your pagan god, controls me.)

    mark 1533
    Why do you hide in the corners so often instead of showing your light?

    (Again, it is you Lee that claims we are hiding our light, and claims we are hiding in the corners. This is pure and simple garbage not worthy to even read, yet so many do and swallow it whole without questioning. I question everything and so should everyone else. It is not acceptable to let others control you, tell you how to think, what to do, how to live, where to go, what music to hear, etc. Lee is doing that very thing by telling us his stories of god, his akash, his innate, his pineal tones, his dark and light, we “humans” are linear, his “I told you so”. Does he really think we are that foolish, it seems we are and in great numbers.)

    And showing your light is being balanced and we’ve said this before.

    (Right! Sounds like I have heard that one so many times before, and I am sick of it. Another claim by Lee, showing your light is being balanced. Alright, how is that achieved? What is the imbalance we are trying to fix? How does it get done. Why are we imbalanced in the first place and what caused it?)

    It’s not climbing to the top of a tower and hollering out what you’re trying to emulate. It’s emulating it and letting people see you emulate it. It’s having the light and the wisdom. It’s not being angry so often. It’s smiling more often regardless of what is going on in your lives.

    (Nice words for someone who has no real material needs but still sells of kinds of junk. Tell the Syrian children on whose heads bombs are being dropped by the dictator Putin of Russia, and the dictator Assad of Syria, to smile more often, to be less angry. Tell that to the Somalian people who are being terrorized by religious extremists such ISIL and many others. Tell the Iraqi people to smile more often when Sadam Hussein was gazing them, killing them, torturing them. Tell that to the Iraqi people who were killed by the hundreds of thousands by your own United States of America armed forces goons when they invaded that country. Ditto that for Vietnam, for South America, for all the untold millions addicted by drugs brought in by the millions of pounds of drugs by the U.S. army itself into the U.S. to make money for black ops. Tell the Palestinian mothers, fathers and children and newborn being killed by Israel bombs to smile more often as they die. Tell the destitute and homeless that they must smile often and that god loves them. Tell the drug addicts, the people with cancer, people dying in hospitals, the millions of Fukushima victims that they must smile more often and “emulate”. So how about it Lee, when you sit on your chair talking to a captive audience, tell them all is well in the world and god loves them. Right!)

    It’s being peaceful. I have said this so many times dear ones. Your DNA is working on trying to have a greater efficiency in the old soul body and when it does you’re gonna live longer.

    (Again, no evidence to back up your claims. All miracles to fix our souls. So the old soul body is defective, degenerate. And you claim our DNA is shifting in something superior, more energetic; PROVE IT! You have no evidence, you have only faulty ideas. What would you do Lee if DNA was not there, what prop would you use then to try and brainwash people in thinking they are defective and that they must not hide their light. Oh I know, crystals, the crystalline grid, the innate, the attributes, the askash, the Akashic records and other such poppycock junk, all of it.)

    mark 1628
    But it’s not gonna get through unless there is more laughter. Laughter is the release that says it’s okay, it’s okay. Laughter actually chases fear away, sometimes for a moment, sometimes forever. But it takes a full re-evaluation of your self worth.

    (More falsehoods. Laughter is great to be sure but it sure as hell does not take fear away. What planet do you live on? Oh crap, I forgot, you are a multi-dimensional being that has never incarnated on earth. That explains it all.)

    mark 1703
    Are you ready to go to a 24/7?

    (The local 7-Eleven is opened 24/7, will that do?)

    Now, don’t misunderstand me. There are some who enjoy building an alter, having ceremonies, taking off their shoes, putting them back on. Let that become something that is ceremony instead of your life. Let it.. (?) something that honours when things should be honoured.

    (Try to speak clearly Lee. What is this garbage again? Nonsense is all I see. Ceremonies, alter, shoes, honour, man you are so messed up, you make no sense at all. And right below, the first sentence, you mention a car; what the hell does a car have to do with what you are talking about? Junk, junk, and more junk.)

    But when you climb in your car you get in with the emulation. You may have an errand to the store and you’re looking for things to shop; do you know that your soul is still there and god is still there, all the things that you are feeling right here today are still there? Why do you want to turn it off?

    mark 1756
    You have to go into work or solve some very three-d (3-d) puzzles or do things that you would think have nothing to do with spiritual attributes, thee is a tenden, a tendency really to leave god outside until you are done. And that’s habit.

    (Wrong Lee. We are independent beings creating our own reality from microsecond to microsecond. We do not need an external or internal component you claim is god. We never leave OUR god because that god is us and is not another being, creator, your pretense of a god or imagined entity. I have no lessons to learn about that from you Kryon.)

    mark 1817
    And then there are those who are saying: “I’m simply not worthy of this. I’m simply not worthy”. And I’m going to say it again, improperly perhaps, what leader you trusted told you that? It’s not a betrayal to find truth and light, that is beyond what you were told, it is not a betrayal. A friendship, or family, it’s not a betrayal for you to discover a grandee truth than you were told by somebody else. Why should you build an old box and stay in it?

    (Are you the new Master claiming to be a NEW leader that is misguiding us into a new pretend box? Are you the one who is lying? Why should we trust you more than anybody else? You claim to speak without a voice, we do not see you, we do not feel you, you are an imaginary being out of Lee Carroll’s vast imagination, nothing else.)

    Simply because somebody told you that’s the way it works. And there are so many that do and will and that’s your free choice.

    (You are doing the very same thing Lee. Nothing new there. I have seen this film before under many different disguises. At least you recognize that we have independent thought and if we wish to believe someone else instead of your claims, that is our right of independence and free decision making not controlled by a god as you claim there is.)

    mark 1713
    Compassion is the key. I’ll make a statement, from this stage.

    (Great Lee, try not be a sage on the stage but rather a guide on the side. We have enough stars and pretenders in Hollywood and Bollywood to fill a world.)

    mark 1922
    This weekend, that’s what I want to talk about. It’s the thing that everything boils down to, as you say. It distills itself to one property, compassion.

    (Again, compassion, see above for compassion hypocrisy.)

    And I’m not talking about compassion for others, I’m talking about you with you. Can you have compassion for yourself? Can you look at your life, today, understand that you are a product of thousands of lives.

    There’s work to do and you’ve got to get beyond that which is an old paradigm where you don’t think you’re worth it or it’s not going to happen correctly or you still don’t understand what to do. Or you’re looking at it and you’re saying: “Is this correct or not? Is there something I’m doing wrong?”

    There’s none of that dear ones, YOU are part of god. Not some structure. ….(?) ask those questions.

    (Fantastic, god fixes everything, we just need to have an attitude fix, adore him, idolize him. Then everything will fall into place. Here we go again with the religious fanaticism as it slaps us in the face. Have you got nothing else to say Lee but to couch yourself behind a god figure and say god loves you and all is well under the stars. How simplistic and so foolish.)

    mark 2028
    My partner said something today during the exercise but it wasn’t my partner.

    (Another technique to confuse us, muddle the topic. Was it your partner or was it no? Every time you have used the word partner it has always meant Lee. So what gives?)

    mark 2043
    These are precious, what’s on these cards. But I don’t see with the eyes like you do, or read in the language that you wrote them in.

    (It appears Lee is referring to the written pieces of paper on his chair that some audience members have given him at his request of course, another technique to manipulate people.)

    mark 2101
    I feel the energy of the soul that wrote ’em and I know what you really want. Not what’s written on it. That’s new.

    (What is new Lee? No explanation, just a short statement meaning what? Why did you say that? Did you mess up again? Shouldn’t you be asking Kryon to repeat himself.)

    mark 2119
    Could god care enough for you? And (?) you are so well known. That’s why you’ve got to be 24/7. You can’t report and then leave and report and leave to a building or a place or even an energy. Because what you have to do dear ones in this life time, in the next and in the next is change this planet completely. And there is only one way to do that.

    Mark 2154
    You will awaken with new awareness, I’ve said it before I want you to hear it old soul right now. Because of your choice to be here on the planet now listen to these kinds of things you’ll have a refreshed akash and one that’s working better. You will awaken with knowledge that you belong here. You will have greater wisdom even as a child.

    (Wow should I fall down on my knees and praise god Lee? What mambo jumbo? More nonsense, more muddled statements meaning nothing. Just empty words and suppositions. How does all that happen Lee? Do we have to die and be re-born? Seems we have to die first and reboot? Wow I don’t much like that idea.

    Contrary to your linear thinking Lee, my view of life is that, being the creators that we are, we have multiple simultaneous lives in numerous universes, and other realities, not just this one. So where is your multi-dimensional thinking hat now Lee? Did you leave it in your car?)

    mark 2222
    You will not make the mistakes you made this time around. You will be seen by others as wise.

    Mark 2235
    All of you will have the potential of becoming teachers, in some level, in some way of the new souls that need to hear what you have, and you will carry an Akashic crystalline remembrance that is acute and stronger than anything that has ever occurred on the planet.

    (More pretentious sayings. Impossible to determine the truth or errors of your ways in these sentences. Wow, a superior “Akashic crystalline remembrance” – what the hell is that Lee? Another magnificent invention of yours. We only get that after we have died and are re-born. That sounds so wrong to me and invalid, I reject it.)

    It starts with this generation but it has already been happening to a lower level for almost fifty (50) years.

    Mark 2311
    The new children have it. That’s why they’re such a problem. They’re wiser than you are. They refuse the old system because they see them as older systems.

    (More of the same garbage found in your Indigo Children books Lee. We have heard these unproven, unscientific claims before. There is nothing to them, they are foolhardy statements based on one woman that claims to see the colours of children and that at some point she saw some with in an indigo type colour. How ludicrous to base such frivolous claims on one single individual for which no proof can be derived, no scientific support is available, it is all suppositions and conjecture, for which you are making good money. So keep on writing the Indigo Children books Lee, lots of believers out there to buy your nonsense.)

    mark 2329
    There is a full rejection of what you give them in almost every area, because they know better. They’re a handful because they know better.

    (Prove it Lee. Show us the evidence. Have 3rd-party scientists examine the evidence. Are you scared to be found out as a fraud or worst? Get your akash out, your “Akashic crystalline remembrance” and show us Lee. What’s the matter? You can’t do that? Why? You know only too well that your words are lies and deceptions and manipulations to entice people searching for truth and answers in a world becoming more and more violent it seems. There are thousands of useless mouth pieces like you around and they all seek money from poor old souls!)

    mark 2243
    And it’ difficult to know and which way to turn. How to handle them. And we’ve told you all along, if you take that child and you look them in the eye and you acknowledge you know they know better you’ll have a friend.

    mark 2404
    If you’re obstinate you’re part of the old energy. If you’re 24/7 dear ones you’re right with ’em. And they see you, there’s no generation gap. Try it out. Some of them are here.

    (How preposterous to make such foolish and irrational statements! Only from a source that knows really nothing but pretends really well with fancy dialogue and pretentious and unclear names for all kinds of things.)

    mark 2423
    This is the new human being. A paradigm that really is different. There is a future to the akash that is beyond anything that has happened. That’s what I just told you. But the one that is there now living in you and as I look at these lights, it’s ready to shift.

    mark 2451
    A statement was made on the stage; you don’t have to pass away anymore, and come back with a refreshed, renewed idea in order to evolve. The evolution of human consciousness is here now, available in the old souls who sit in front of me.

    mark 2514
    The idea that you could reach in and perhaps touch the wisdom that you have learned and earned on this planet is absolute.

    (Okay Lee, I’ll bite, once again. What the hell are you talking about? That last sentence is absolute nonsense and really means nothing. And of course, I would expect you to say it is hard, difficult and our souls have not evolved enough for us “humans” to understand. Right!)

    If you go away from here with no other truth, know that.

    mark 2531
    And yet there will be those who leave here and say I enjoyed it but I don’t know what to do. Then I’m going to tell you 24/7, take your shoes off, and listen because all the guidance that you need is synchronistic because god knows who you are, where you are, what yew need, what you want. And it’s new?

    (Wow, I think I will move North, build and Igloo and live with the polar bears. Ah! Too late already, the ice sheets are melting, the bears will not survive long. Darn it all.

    And yet again we see Lee hiding himself in in that mystery of mysteries, god (the all powerful, the unknown quantity, the purveyor of good on earth, the all seeing controller, the distributor of karma and good, and his evil twin, no, no, not Arnold, but the devil. We must not forget old Lucifer, she is such a charming lady (who ever said Lucifer was a man was wrong! Or is she/he a uric, good question. So Lee gives us his useless rhetoric of unknowns, and false assumptions. He is really good at that.)

    mark 2257
    Can you imagine that kind of relationship? 24/7

    (No Lee, impossible.)

    mark 2604
    It can only happen to an old soul.

    (Did you not say were are in a new energy, the young are coming in with a refreshed, re-energized askash?)

    The new ones are not mature enough, they haven’t been here long enough, they’re still learning how the earth works. You know how the earth works. Now find out how god inside works. That’s enough for today.

    (Ah, right! I understand, they are immature, that explains everything! The old souls understand everything, that is why our earth is so messed up right. That is why we have not yet evolved, right. Am I confused? No. Your the one that says we cannot understand, that it is too hard to explain, etc. all garbage claims to confuse the issue and hide behind untruths. You are one hell of a manipulator Lee.)

    mark 2623
    Blessings to all those who come to a meeting about so nebulous and non-linear, and then leave with an idea that it’s do-able and possible. And not only that, because of it, you’ll live longer. It’s the beginning of something grand.

    (Empty promises. Empty claims. Extended life, really! What punch bowl did you pick those from Lee?)

    mark 2652
    That’s the message. And it’s not the message that you needed to hear. It’s the truth that simply is here.

    (Wow, I am impressed with your manipulative statements. You are getting better over the years in finding ways to muddle things quite well. )

    mark 2706
    And so it is.

    End of session 2708

    Trying to be a guide on the side and not a sage on the stage. Seth – “Events are not things that happen to you. They are materialized experiences formed by you, according to your expectations and belief.”

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