Feeling the Healing Streams

Ever-Flowing Streams:Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation and me is a spiritual memoir and guide to pro-active prayer.

This excerpt is from Chapter One of “Ever-Flowing Streams” and features the first time I felt healing energy coursing through my hands as I prayed for my daughter.

My Sick Baby

FIn 1982 our second daughter, Cary, was born. At that point I was not a follower of Christ, but I was exploring the possibility. I read the Gospels. As an experiment, I began praying to Jesus, though I felt a little silly and embarrassed about it. Like I was giving into superstition.

I studied The Healing Light and visualized light beaming from the heavens through the top of my head. Agnes Sanford wrote of a gland in the brain that expanded to allow healing energy in. She described a light-headed feeling. One Sunday in church, the top of my head felt like a little balloon swelled beneath my skull. Very curious. And very peaceful. I liked the balloon-in-my-head feeling and tried to find it again.

When Cary was a few months old, she entered the dreaded ear-infections and rounds-of-antibiotics cycle. As the weeks ticked by, my faith in medicine dwindled. Until that point, my study of healing prayer had been largely theoretical, confined to reading and class work. But after Cary fought infections for three months, my interest in healing prayer became intensely personal. A milestone in my prayer life occurred on a cold, stormy winter night.

Oklahoma wind rattled windows while I held my feverish nine-month old. We sat in an upholstered rocking chair, rock, rock, rocking the night away. My heart ached for my fretting child. She whimpered and fussed. Fever radiated from her little body. I held my hands over her ears and closed my eyes, hoping to find a spiritual lifeline.

I whispered, “Help her, Jesus.”

Please, please, please. Fear gripped my chest.

Then the teachings of Agnes Sanford filled my mind. I visualized a wide beam of sparkling light shooting from the heavens, through the roof, into my little living room, engulfing me and my baby with healing energy. Keeping the image took concentration. I fought to stay in “the zone.” Gradually, peace replaced worry. Images replaced words. At some point, the connection occurred.

Imagery became reality. Heat permeated my head and traveled down my right hand. A warm magnetic sensation filled my palm as I held it over her sore ear. Cary’s body slumped with relief. Time lost meaning as we both enjoyed the roiling waves of healing energy pass over us. The intensity receded, leaving us relaxed and sleepy.

As I lay her in her crib, I kissed her forehead and whispered, “Sleep well sweetheart.”

I added, Thank you, Jesus, in case he really was listening.

I took her to the pediatrician soon thereafter and heard his diagnosis: the ear under my pulsing palm had healed. The other side was improved. Ear infections became a thing of the past at our house. The first seeds of faith in healing prayer sprouted in my soul.

Ever-Flowing Streams is available as an e-book and paperback at Amazon.com

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