Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: A Supernaltation

My journaling appears to be taking on new dimensions. Thoughts seem to be coming through me, rather than from me. All part of the ever-evolving Supernal Adventure, I guess. Here is an entry from last May that I feel nudged to share today. Many blessings– Dana 

colorful sunset

colorful sunset

Supernal Journal, May 3, 2015

Jesus said, I am the vine. You are the branches. No one come to the Father but by me. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

These words are still strong and true. They show the open door, the gate to heaven. They aren’t meant to keep people out, to exclude, but are a light shining the path to joy. So many are lost, wandering in the dark.

I shine a Light on the path to joy and the starlight luminescence of God. I gather my loved ones like a Good Shepherd. I want no one lost or afraid. Come to me and find the peace that goes beyond understanding.

I Am Love. Love is a state of Being, a high energy. An action. From that energy comes inspiration to work in love and kindness. I am All Inclusive. The portal is open. All may enter. A host of angels is waiting to greet you home. Peace I give you. Peace I leave you. Walk in my peace.

You conduit my Light into the planet. It radiates through and around you. In your words, in your actions, in your silence. You don’t need to “do.” You may simply “be.” Be like a tuning fork vibrating at my calibration. Carry my note, my tune, wherever you go.

Sing to the beauty of creation. Rejoice in it. Cherish it. Take good care of it. Love it. Look to the sky. Look up. See the dancing clouds, the wind, the rain, the blue sky, the birds on wing. They are part of the symphony of the earth.

It is beyond your wildest dreams, all the Love I have to share and want to give to my children, my flock. If only they will open their hearts, open their eyes, open their ears. I am calling. I am waiting. I am loving.

Happiness is always bittersweet, full of joy, remembering moments of sorrow. Choose to live in the Light.

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