New Documentary Shines Light on Medical Alternatives

13051563_1688369204747659_2828516897045729422_n a review by Dana Taylor

Filmmaker Jeff Hays takes on the status quo via the medium of documentaries. In Bought he revealed the unholy alliance between big government, big pharma, and big agra. His latest film, Breakthroughs, (free to view online through May 3) shines a light on seven different alternative health care providers. Rather than beating an anti-establishment drum, Breakthroughs gives seven examples of people who searched for health, often personally or for their families, and then went on to share what they found with the world.

Filmmaker Jeff Hayes

Filmmaker Jeff Hays

The personal stories are varied and interesting–a wild salmon fisherman, a genetic nutritionist cancer survivor, an athletic specialist chiropractor, a skin specialist speaking of “skinflammation,” and more. The emphasis is often on nutrition, departing from toxic chemicals, and lifestyle changes.

The most interesting segment to me focused on Dr. Jason West, DC NMD FIAMA DABCN. Dr. West is a fourth generation chiropractor practicing in Pochatella, Idaho. Building on his family’s foundation, he has broadened his clinic into an all-encompassing comprehensive medical facility. He offers what ideally could be the doctor office of the future. Patients develop a team of physicians tailor made for their particular situation. People often find Dr. West after years of ineffective medical treatment. His staff includes an MD and a variety of alternative medicine experts in nutrition, blood chemistry, clinical nutrition, medical microscopy, herbal, homeopathic, intravenous micronutrient therapy and chelation therapy.

Breakthroughs offers a glimpse of out-of-the-box thinking. In a society so engulfed by a drugs-cure-everything mentality, this film presents people pursuing good health through other methods. Much of it comes down to common sense–eat right, exercise, sleep well. Yet, in our fast food society the simplest lifestyle changes could be precisely the breakthrough many people are missing. Though the film ignores any spiritual, mind body connections, it still offers valuable information for seekers of a happier, healthier life.

If you know someone caught in a cycle of chronic disease and confusion, Breakthroughs might give them a spark of encouragement to seek new directions for health and a sense of personal empowerment.


Read about more breakthroughs in Ever-Flowing Streams: Christ, Reiki, Reincarnation and Me

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