Did He Have An Invisible Passenger?

My book, Supernal Adventures, explores the “new normal” of multidimensional living. This post is about a “normal” man who had a most startling “new normal” experience.

golfer_swing“Bob” (name changed) is a mainstream, semi-retired business man. A very “normal” guy. He plays golf, enjoys the culture of the American South, has good buddies. His wife, Kate, is a writer and became a cyber friend of mine over ten years ago. About two years ago, she contacted me after being told by a psychic that she is an empath and possibly a healer. She reached out to me for information about things like Reiki and metaphysics. As our relationship grew, we Skyped and I eventually gave her a first level Reiki attunement. She began practicing on Bob, a willing participant. Many of his ailments improved. As it turned out, Bob is sensitive to the healing energies and even receives mental images himself. But, Bob is far from embracing the New Age or embarking on a spiritual quest. And yet, Kate appears to have opened a door for Bob….

I received an e-mail from Kate this week entitled:

Bob’s Metaphysical Experience

580ps-audi-rs-6-car-dashboardBob was on his way to Morrow, GA yesterday to see a customer when this happened: Questions he was asked are italicized.

Bob ~ Leaving garage, I backed out and set destination on GPS. Got on I-20 and it started getting cold. Temperature kept dropping and I didn’t think anything about it until it was so cold I was uncomfortable and thought something was broken. I started fiddling with heat controls and noticed it was set on auto at 72. Temperature felt like it was sub-60. What’s wrong? Everything seemed to be in place with system. Thought I’d lost the thermostat. I shut off air just to make it bearable and opened driver’s side window to warm up. That helped a little until I closed it and it was just as cold inside.

Driving and thinking, “What’s going on?” The radio was on but NO SOUND! Then, strange questions starting coming into my mind.

What is this TV screen? It’s a navigation screen.

What is it? Navigation system. What do you mean? GPS.

(Bob, that’s stupid. You know what it is!)

What is GPS? Global Positioning Satellite.

What’s it do? I’m going to my customer and it’s showing me how to get there.(Lull)

Do you mean it knows where you’re at? Yeah, it’s like radar. It knows where I am (this is crazy!) That’s that little arrow on the screen. (This is crazy!) We’re the arrow and we’re going to that black flag. That means it’s our destination.

GPS then says, “Traffic Congestion in 15 miles.” You mean it can tell traffic? It’s telling me there’s a traffic jam. (Why am I expounding on something I already know?) Then it was pretty quiet.

Brief case was still on the passenger seat. Nothing was physically different but it stayed cold. Air was very, very cold.

We get to traffic jam. GPS says, “Take next exit to avoid traffic.” Yeah, you’re going to avoid the traffic, right? The line then turns different on the GPS screen. The line’s different? Yeah, that’s the detour.

Since I was running late because of the detour, I needed to call the customer. I told Blue Tooth to “call Phil on his mobile.” Phil answers and we have our conversation and I hang up.

Was that a telephone call? Yeah, I called him on his cell. Cell? Yeah, cellular mobile phone.  

Drive to location and GPS says, “You’ve reached your destination and navigation system is turning off.”

We’re here? Yes, we’re here.

Car still cool, then temperature quickly rises, and the car gets stuffy. I open windows to get some air.

After leaving my appointment, I decided I didn’t want to come back on the Interstate. Set guidance and wasn’t told where to turn. I heard no guidance. I turned right and it took me back and in and around. I turned right, again. Now I don’t know which cross intersection to turn at. I go into settings and open voice prompt. The volume was off. Two lines navigation prompt and radio volume and voice prompt were off.  I punched up voice volume and radio. Voice prompt volume was off and I never touched the controls to turn it off.  I had to figure out how to turn it back on since I’d never seen this screen before.

Kate ~ When he left, I had asked his guardian angels to be with him on this journey and to watch over him. He called me after he got there to tell me about his experience. He was so shaken, he wasn’t sure whether he’d be able to make sense to his customer. I suggested he ground himself. So he got out of the car and walked over to some trees, took a couple of deep breaths and imagined his feet going deep into the ground. Since he was visible through the company windows, he pretended he was talking on his cell so they wouldn’t think he was nuts! Ha!

Since I had the experience with the medium a couple of months ago when his dad came through, he believes the spirit with him was his dad. Bob has often thought when he was in the car, “Dad would be amazed at all this technology.” The “conversations” went on for almost an hour!

Btw, the temperature yesterday was in the high 70’s!

energyDana ~ Congratulations, Bob, you’ve had an awesome Supernal Adventure! This is just one more incident of living in the post-Shift era. My interpretation of Bob’s experience comes from the teachings of Gregg Braden, Kryon/Lee Caroll and others. Planet earth is a new cosmic quadrant in the milky way. It’s a gradual turn–a 25,000 year era–and we are at the very beginning. The frequencies and magnetic fields are all changing. Communication through the “veil” is becoming easier. Loved ones who have passed on are keeping in touch and making their presence known. It appears their ability to influence our technology is getting easier for them. Or perhaps our technology is getting more sensitive to them–thus the malfunctioning of Bob’s GPS system and radio.

These experiences are becoming more common and we’ll have to learn how to evaluate them. The first reaction is generally, like Bob, “this is crazy!” As a society, we’re going to have to get beyond “this is crazy,” study these emerging realities and incorporate them into our world view.

Welcome to the New Normal.

Dana Taylor


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Supernal Adventure


Into the Storm ~ Jaguar Jack

JackmasterfinaldonergbJaguar Jack Campbell
, Aussie reality TV star, travels the globe filming escapades in the wild. His charismatic charm conceals an unwanted psychic gift and buried memories.

Major Maggie Savannah, aka Maggie-the-Mouth, is brash, brave and beautiful. She lives to beat the bad guys via covert military operations. The last thing she wants is a pretty boy TV personality partner.

But when a missionary is kidnapped by terrorists on a mysterious island, Jack and Maggie must join forces to secure her rescue and, perhaps, save the world.

The Set-Up: Jack and Maggie are heading into the heart of the island of Paradisio in a small motorboat. A sudden squall comes up and they get a glimpse of their real nemesis.


Excerpt from Chapter 12

A roll of thunder cut short their discussion; gusts of wind whipped up the water. A strange, putrid scent rode the breeze. Branches groaned; shushing, creaking sounds of leaves quivered. Limbs waved overhead from the approaching storm.

Jack surveyed the sky. Tropical storms came swiftly, nothing unusual in that. But these black clouds swirled with rare speed, as if pushed by an unseen hand. Calm water quickly turned into a boiling cauldron. A curtain of fog fell, dark and thick. Along the bank, just behind the first screen of trees, Jack thought he saw a figure pass.

Trees shook in great disturbance.

A lightning bolt split a tree, sending it up in instant flame. The sudden illumination flashed on a long, dark body. A feline shape with a huge head. It reared up on hind legs and revealed front feet with extended bear-like claws. A savage howl tore over the storm’s din; the smell of death permeated the air.

Darkness shrouded the creature in shadow once again.

“Holy shit! What was that?” Maggie yelled. Her exclamation faded in the storm cacophony.

Jack struggled to keep the boat on an even course. Hard rain let loose from the skies. He threw a bucket to Maggie and shouted, “Start bailing.”

Water pelted from every direction. Drenching…sloshing…soaking. Deafening crashes of thunder rumbled overhead, followed by jagged spears of lightning striking the ground.

The little boat bobbed and twirled like a toy in a tempest. Waves slapped his face and chest with stinging force. He fought to keep the rudder steady until his arms quivered with fatigue. Maggie’s soaked figure worked furiously before him against the onslaught of water into their small vessel. At one point a flash of lightning illuminated the magnificent defiance on her face.

Almost as quickly as it came, the rain slackened…

The darkness faded…

The river settled…

Jack righted their course down the middle of the rushing river. Plant debris floated past in the currents.

Maggie pushed a clump of hair from her face and slowed her bailing to catch her breath. “What kind of animal was that back there?”

He didn’t know what to tell her. It was nothing ever mentioned in any zoology books, that’s for sure. It might have been his overactive imagination, if she hadn’t seen it, too.

He’d just glimpsed the stuff dreams were made of—his dreams, his nightmares. Crikey, could such an animal be possible? Surely those tales of mythology were exaggerations.

“I’ve only seen it called one thing. In the Book of Revelation it’s known as The Beast.”



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The Knowing by psychic Nita Lapinski

The Knowing Forrest 1“The Knowing –Awake in the Dark” is a true story that will take you on an
unexpected journey into the mind of a clairvoyant child as she navigates the
harsh and painful realities of her life.

Psychic abilities are no guarantee for a happy life, as Nita Lapinski’s life
story powerfully reveals. When family life lacks a foundation of love and
support, too often girls seek love in some very wrong places. Nita’s desperate
choice of Aaron Goddard set her on a life path of abuse and drug addiction from
the time she hit puberty. What I found so fascinating about this tale wasn’t so
much the paranormal elements, but the fact that Nita managed to grow into a
mature, wise woman. Of course, it was largely through the help of her spirit
guides that she was able to rise from immaturity and near-fatal fantasies to
mental clarity.

Writing memoir is very difficult. Nita keeps the story
rolling with key scenes and credible characters. Ultimately, this is a story of
hope. People can change and there is divine guidance waiting to give us a
helping hand when we are ready to receive it. ~ Dana Taylor

EXCERPT from The Knowing: Awake in the Dark

San Francisco

Sleeping homeless people crowded every open doorway and overhang. They lay on tattered cardboard mats and newspaper – the lucky were wrapped in blankets or sleeping bags and others huddled under layered clothing – their heads covered in wooly caps. Sidewalks and gutters saturated with urine brought to mind an outdoor latrine whose smell could not be escaped in the damp morning air.

The San Francisco sky was heavy with fog that left a cloud of moisture clinging to my face as I walked to Pete’s for my morning espresso.  As I approached the street corner, a homeless man sat up and leaned against the doorway of where he’d slept. Jumbled in a heap beside him, in a filthy burrow of despair, was fishing net stuffed with clothes tied in a tight ball, a torn plastic Safeway bag that brimmed with crushed aluminum cans and his bedding in a tangled mass of guarded treasure. His feet were bare and blackened with street grime, his toenails shockingly yellow and long and the odor of his unwashed body wafted toward me carried in the mist. Webbed with deep cracks that looked raw and painful, his swollen hands shook as he carefully opened a pint-sized bottle that contained his salvation and lifted it reverently to his lips.

I watched the man and thought -What a shame – Poor man, what a waste. – The voice was immediate, – Who are we – It asked – to judge our brother? Perhaps a hundred people pass by him today, forever changed by his presence. Can it be his gift to us? Does he live exactly as his soul intends? How can we know? I was stung with the arrogance of my thoughts and felt embarrassment spread to my cheeks. I believed my thoughts were compassionate and didn’t see the judgment in them. Instantly, my critical opinion and limiting thoughts were exposed. The homeless man stared blankly into the street – caught in his own reverie as I passed – but after that morning – when I found myself in judgment of others – thinking that I knew a better path for them – I remembered the voice and worked hard to let my judgment go and look within to discover what my real fear or self-judgment was. I found that every time I judged another, it was my own limiting thoughts that needed change.

What’s amazing about this story is it is true. ” KT28  |  15 reviewers made a similar statement

I fully enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. ” rachel  |  7 reviewers made a similar statement
In trusting your inner voice anyone can create their life experience. ” DJFL  |  6 reviewers made a similar statement
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From Nita Lapinski:


    I am a working clairvoyant medium and have been successfully teaching meditation classes and giving workshops on forgiveness, releasing judgment and finding ones intuition for at least three decades. I am a certified hypnotherapist and studied integrative breath work.

      I live in Arizona with my husband where I write and give readings. I have thousands of clients all over the US and abroad. I am naturally gifted with the Clairs, and have been able to hear guidance for myself and others for as long as I can remember and gave my first professional reading at nineteen.

                The Knowing-Awake in the Dark is my first book. I have always been a psychic.

Visit www.nitalapinski.com