The Knowing by psychic Nita Lapinski

The Knowing Forrest 1“The Knowing –Awake in the Dark” is a true story that will take you on an
unexpected journey into the mind of a clairvoyant child as she navigates the
harsh and painful realities of her life.

Psychic abilities are no guarantee for a happy life, as Nita Lapinski’s life
story powerfully reveals. When family life lacks a foundation of love and
support, too often girls seek love in some very wrong places. Nita’s desperate
choice of Aaron Goddard set her on a life path of abuse and drug addiction from
the time she hit puberty. What I found so fascinating about this tale wasn’t so
much the paranormal elements, but the fact that Nita managed to grow into a
mature, wise woman. Of course, it was largely through the help of her spirit
guides that she was able to rise from immaturity and near-fatal fantasies to
mental clarity.

Writing memoir is very difficult. Nita keeps the story
rolling with key scenes and credible characters. Ultimately, this is a story of
hope. People can change and there is divine guidance waiting to give us a
helping hand when we are ready to receive it. ~ Dana Taylor

EXCERPT from The Knowing: Awake in the Dark

San Francisco

Sleeping homeless people crowded every open doorway and overhang. They lay on tattered cardboard mats and newspaper – the lucky were wrapped in blankets or sleeping bags and others huddled under layered clothing – their heads covered in wooly caps. Sidewalks and gutters saturated with urine brought to mind an outdoor latrine whose smell could not be escaped in the damp morning air.

The San Francisco sky was heavy with fog that left a cloud of moisture clinging to my face as I walked to Pete’s for my morning espresso.  As I approached the street corner, a homeless man sat up and leaned against the doorway of where he’d slept. Jumbled in a heap beside him, in a filthy burrow of despair, was fishing net stuffed with clothes tied in a tight ball, a torn plastic Safeway bag that brimmed with crushed aluminum cans and his bedding in a tangled mass of guarded treasure. His feet were bare and blackened with street grime, his toenails shockingly yellow and long and the odor of his unwashed body wafted toward me carried in the mist. Webbed with deep cracks that looked raw and painful, his swollen hands shook as he carefully opened a pint-sized bottle that contained his salvation and lifted it reverently to his lips.

I watched the man and thought -What a shame – Poor man, what a waste. – The voice was immediate, – Who are we – It asked – to judge our brother? Perhaps a hundred people pass by him today, forever changed by his presence. Can it be his gift to us? Does he live exactly as his soul intends? How can we know? I was stung with the arrogance of my thoughts and felt embarrassment spread to my cheeks. I believed my thoughts were compassionate and didn’t see the judgment in them. Instantly, my critical opinion and limiting thoughts were exposed. The homeless man stared blankly into the street – caught in his own reverie as I passed – but after that morning – when I found myself in judgment of others – thinking that I knew a better path for them – I remembered the voice and worked hard to let my judgment go and look within to discover what my real fear or self-judgment was. I found that every time I judged another, it was my own limiting thoughts that needed change.

What’s amazing about this story is it is true. ” KT28  |  15 reviewers made a similar statement

I fully enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. ” rachel  |  7 reviewers made a similar statement
In trusting your inner voice anyone can create their life experience. ” DJFL  |  6 reviewers made a similar statement
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From Nita Lapinski:


    I am a working clairvoyant medium and have been successfully teaching meditation classes and giving workshops on forgiveness, releasing judgment and finding ones intuition for at least three decades. I am a certified hypnotherapist and studied integrative breath work.

      I live in Arizona with my husband where I write and give readings. I have thousands of clients all over the US and abroad. I am naturally gifted with the Clairs, and have been able to hear guidance for myself and others for as long as I can remember and gave my first professional reading at nineteen.

                The Knowing-Awake in the Dark is my first book. I have always been a psychic.



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