The Knowing by psychic Nita Lapinski

Supernal Living with Dana Taylor

The Knowing Forrest 1“The Knowing –Awake in the Dark” is a true story that will take you on an
unexpected journey into the mind of a clairvoyant child as she navigates the
harsh and painful realities of her life.

Psychic abilities are no guarantee for a happy life, as Nita Lapinski’s life
story powerfully reveals. When family life lacks a foundation of love and
support, too often girls seek love in some very wrong places. Nita’s desperate
choice of Aaron Goddard set her on a life path of abuse and drug addiction from
the time she hit puberty. What I found so fascinating about this tale wasn’t so
much the paranormal elements, but the fact that Nita managed to grow into a
mature, wise woman. Of course, it was largely through the help of her spirit
guides that she was able to rise from immaturity and near-fatal fantasies to
mental clarity.

Writing memoir…

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