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The Road to GrafenwöhrThings are achangin’ across the globe in almost every sector and nowhere is that more evident than the publishing industry. The rise of digital publishing has given birth to the Indie Author. No more query letters and slush piles hoping to be plucked from obscurity by a Big Publisher. Nowadays anyone with a PC and the Internet can upload a book into cyberspace and instantly become a Published Author. Of course, not all Indie Authors are created equal. Too many lack the skill of good storytelling—or even good punctuation! However, there are a few writers that are finally getting the opportunity to tell their stories in unique ways with truly exceptional talent.  One of those authors is Edward C. Patterson.

I came across him at the Kindle Boards in the nascent days of Indie publishing. He was one of the trailblazers, forging ahead where no one had gone. He was helpful to the newbies and a leader of the pack. It took me a year to actually read one of his stories. Why? It was the gay thing. I mistakenly thought he was writing about gays for gays. I’m not in that demographic, so I kept passing him by. Then, one December day I was tired of the same old, same old and decided to give Mr. Patterson a looksee. And, wow, I was so wrong. Patterson is a gifted writer whose stories transcend demographic groups or petty prejudice. Yes, there are some gay characters and themes, but an understanding and unveiling of the human condition is at the core of his writing. His descriptions, turns of phrase and characterizations inspire my admiration. Reading Patterson reminded me of the time I read Stephen King’s classic The Dead Zone  and understood why he had become the King of fiction. Talent, pure talent.

Patterson is still largely a secret to the general reading public, although last I heard he had sold over 12,000 books since blazing the Indie trail.  Another great thing about digital publishing is the books are going to be available Forever, or until the Internet collapses. Hopefully, terrific writers like Mr. Patterson will find a growing audience who appreciate excellent storytelling. Below is my review for the book I recently read, The Road to Grafenwohr.

When I’m in the mood for fine writing, interesting characters, unexpected turns, I scan the long list of books by Edward C. Patterson. My third outing with Mr. Patterson was “The Road to Grafenwohr” and once again I was deeply impressed by the storytelling talent of this man. “Road” is a fascinating mix of reality and fantasy woven together with writing that can turn lyrical or gritty with the twist of a phrase. Quincy Summerson is a green recruit ordered to the German/Czech border during the height of the Cold War. An obvious facial birthmark always set him apart in his Brooklyn beginnings; in Germany it marks him as a mythic hero. Patterson paints his manuscript first with dabs of mystic moments, mixed with solid realities of military life. By the end of the piece, the mystical has overtaken the mundane to a classic conflict of good vs. evil. All the while the reader grows more involved with the cadre of characters surrounding Summerson. At the core of every Patterson book are characters to care about. He is one of the best authors to emerge from the Indie Author movement. Discover his gems and enjoy the work of a very gifted writer.


9 comments on “Discover an Indie Gem–FREE Nov 14- 15th

  1. I am reading Ed’s Academician right now. He is indeed truly gifted, and continues to inspire all Indie authors. Well done, Ed!

  2. What a great review Dana. I’ve talked to Ed on several Amazon forums and have found him to be an absolutely delightful fellow with a wit that is amazing. I’ve got a couple of his books on my Kindle (including this one), and can’t wait ’til it gets to the top of the list.

    • Hi Ed– This blogging device is a great way to support causes and people. I feel a bit like Saleri to your Mozart. DT

  3. I’ve read several of Ed’s book and have more to read on my Kindle. I agree, he is a gifted and witty writer and very helpful to fellow authors. My favorite book of his so far is Turning Idolater, with Surviving an American Gulag a close second.

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