Is there such a thing as “distance healing”?

Supernal Living Part III

One of my Supernal Friends, Paula, was healed of an “incurable” disease in 2005 (See Supernal Friends Page) and has gone on to learn and practice energy healing for others. In the past few months word-of-mouth referrals have kept her phone ringing. She rarely meets clients in person. She sends healing energy. A man called her, asked questions and paid for a session. She hung up the phone and did a healing session for him. A couple days later he called to apologize. The appointment had been a “setup.” He didn’t believe in distance healing and wanted to prove it to his girlfriend. Much to his surprise, his condition improved and he thought he owed Paula an apology.

 You can’t really blame the guy. The truth is energy healing is hard enough to buy when a practitioner is in the same room running hands near the physical body. But long distance? How can that be? That’s where multi-dimensional thinking comes in. Quantum physics identifies working in realms that are “non-local.” Electrons take a “quantum leap” from one place to another without actually moving through space. I can only conjecture, but distance healing really is no distance at all. The energy worker simply taps into a “non-local” dimension and is able to connect. It’s possible to train the mind to tap into information streaming in unseen dimensions and transmit healing energy.

 This is not anything new. The old word for it is “prayer.” Last week a boy, Dale Ostrander, was sucked out into the ocean off the shore of Long Beach, WA. He went under the water before the horrified eyes of his church youth group. They fell to their knees on the sand and prayed as the rescue workers recovered the “lifeless” body. People at the scene say he didn’t take a breathe for at least fifteen minutes. Once at the hospital, a faint pulse was found and Dale made a “miraculous” recovery. You can read the story and see pictures here. His parents are convinced the power of prayer is responsible for the saving of their son. I agree. The immediate tapping into the “Ever-Flowing Streams,” as I’ve dubbed them, and perhaps calling forth unseen helpers (angels? Holy Spirit?) seems as likely an explanation as any.

Ever-Flowing Streams devotes a section to the meeting of science and spirituality. Learn to tap into “non-local” healing energy through Supernal Living.

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