Do Prayers Have Power Beyond Death?

by Dana Taylor

If you’ve read my Supernal Series books, Ever-Flowing Streams and Supernal Adventures, you’re familiar with my “Supernal Friends,” Sue, Paula, and Helen. We’ve traveled the highways and byways of spiritual adventure, exploring Reiki, past lives, multidimensional living and more. Each of us have various talents–clairaudience, medical intuition, mediumship, psychic connections. Though we now are scattered between three states and over 5,000 miles, we come together via Skype for prayer, meditation, and friendship. Our “Supernal Sessions” often render intriguing spirit connections and insights.

Last weekend Paula was in the spirit communication mode. My seemingly ever-present Grandma Rose popped in. Paula saw her standing holding a scraggly dog, no doubt the beloved Molly.

She said, “Oh, baby. Oh sweetheart. You are so good with your new babies. They have a spark of you within them.” This made me smile. I’m spending most of my mornings right now with 5-month-old Aliyah and 3-year-old Noah. Aliyah’s soulful brown eyes remind me often of her Great-Great Grandma Rose.

The more intriguing connection Paula mentioned concerned Sue. Paula said, “There is a male with you. He’s somebody you only met a couple of times. He is patting you on the back, like ‘good job.’ He’s a friend of someone you know who recently passed very suddenly. He’s helping that person adjust to the other side. He wants you to know your prayers have helped. The friend went very quickly. No pain. He wants people to know he is fine.”

At first Sue had no idea who Paula was talking about. Then, she remembered. A former co-worker named Anthony died of a stroke while performing music a couple of months ago. He was only about 50 years old. Sue was shocked and saddened to hear about it.

Sue has a heart for praying for people after they die. She feels strongly that they need support transitioning to the other side. Indeed, when she heard of Anthony’s sudden passing, she devoted time to praying for him.  In Western culture, we don’t place much importance on praying for souls who have passed. Despite a lot of talk about going to heaven, many people regard death as The End. According to many Christian doctrines, if a person hasn’t accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they are destined to eternal damnation. Catholic traditions are a bit more broad-minded, offering prayers for the dead. Other cultures have a larger understanding of soul survival and incorporate praying for the departed and ancestors into their traditions.

In modern times, the most fascinating glimpse of what happens beyond death can be found in the work of Dr. Michael Newton as chronicled in his landmark books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. Regressing clients through hypnosis, he discovered memories of “life between life.” From Journey of Souls:

All souls, regardless of experience, eventually arrive at a central port in the spirit world which I call the staging area. Once past the orientation station there seems to be no further travel detours for anyone entering this space of the spirit world. Apparently, large numbers of returning souls are conveyed in a spiritual form of mass transit. Spirits are brought in, collected, and then projected out to their proper final destinations similar to a central terminal of a metropolitan airport that has the capacity to fly people out in any direction. The most outstanding characteristic of this world is a continuous feeling of a powerful mental force directing everything in uncanny harmony. People say this is a place of pure thought.

After souls arrive back into their soul groups, they are summoned to appear before a Council of Elders. While the Council is not prosecutorial, they do engage in direct examination of a soul’s activities before returning them to their groups.

Group placement is determined by soul level. After physical death, a soul’s journey back home ends with debarkation into the space reserved for their own colony, as long as they are not a very young soul or isolated for other reasons. The souls represented in these cluster groups are intimate old friends who have the same awareness level. Members of the same cluster group are closely united for all eternity. These tightly-knit clusters are often composed of like-minded souls with common objectives which they continually work out with each other. Usually they choose lives together as relatives and close friends during their incarnations on Earth.

Read more here

It’s been many years since I read Dr. Newton’s books, but they left an indelible impression. Life goes on and on. Dr. Newton was definitely a man of science. Questions about the power of prayer are not mentioned in his books. He never considers asking his clients anything about faith or religious practices. Yet, he presents a very definite picture of a structured after life. But the question is never asked: do our prayers cross the boundaries of physical and non-physical realms?

Eastern religions, shamanic traditions, and metaphysics would suggest the power of intention, prayer, and love has power beyond the earthly realm. Our Supernal Sessions have touched on this more than once. During an Akashic record reading from Helen, my own dear Grandma Rose chided me, “It wouldn’t hurt you to light a candle and say a prayer for me once in a while.” A few months after his passing, my husband, David, came through and thanked Sue for praying for him. I’ve witnessed Paula help confused souls to follow the Light and leave their earth-bound limbo.

Last week’s encounter with Anthony’s friend further leads me to believe the power of prayer for departed friends and family is more than wishful thinking. Just as I’ve seen the energy of intention intensify healing of physical bodies, it appears prayers carry healing energy to non-physical entities also. 

How it all works, I don’t know. As the Apostle Paul said, “We look through the mirror darkly.” Yet, these moments of spirit communication offer intriguing insights into the after life. My takeaway is prayers put loving energy into action. Time spent in prayer may be the most important part of the day.

Bright blessings–

Dana Taylor

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Supernal Adventures 

Supernal AdventureIn 2005 my friend, Paula, experienced a “miracle” healing of an “incurable” disease, RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome), through a Reiki therapist. RSD is an excruciating condition. It generally begins after an injury. The nervous system keeps sending the pain signals. First noted in the Civil War, surgeons performed amputations in an attempt to halt the pain. The result was “ghost pain.” Though the limbs were gone, the soldiers still felt the throbbing, unrelenting agony.

A fall on a stairway began a seven year descent into misery and disability for Paula. She was ultimately on 29 medications and had two battery devices installed into her back with lead wires attached to her spine to offer pain control. Her entire right side was involved. She often used a cane and occasionally a wheelchair. She became part of a control group of an RSD specialist at UCLA. In the summer of 2005 the doctor told her they were out of options and to prepare herself for a life confined to a wheelchair and ultimately a bed. She was 50 years old.

Given that grim future outlook, she and her sister, Sue, took my suggestion to visit me and schedule appointments with the wonderful Reiki therapist, Helen, I had recently met. At the very least, it would be a fun vacation for them.

Much to our amazement, after three Reiki sessions, Paula no longer suffered from RSD. Her healing opened up a whole new world for us. Paula, Sue, and I began exploring energy healing, quantum physics, alternative medicine, and meditation. Our weekly meditation sessions took on a mystical life of their own. We began calling ourselves the Supernal Friends.

Being a writer and observer, I took notes of what happened in our sessions. Over the course of time, I filled pages and pages of what I called the Supernal Journals. Now, a decade later, I’ve used those journals as the basis for my new book, Supernal Adventures: Exploring the New Normal of Multidimensional Living.

Join the Supernal Friends on their many adventures. You may discover the new normal of multidimensional living for yourself!

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Spread the “Supernal Effect”

One of the highlights of my week is Sunday evening when I snuggle onto my cozy California King and read the LA Times. This week one of the headlines that caught my eye was “L.A. crime dip belies bad economy.” The article says that despite the predictions of pundits that the recession would result in increased crime, a downward trend of murder, rape and robbery has continued over the past several years. Experts are puzzled. The police department likes to take a lot of credit, but admit there must be more to the story. Perhaps people within the communities are simply setting new standards of behavior.

I’m sure all of those elements have played a part. However, I smiled because I think  there has also been a “Supernal Effect” taking place. What’s that, you ask? Have you ever heard of the Maharishi Effect? It goes back to the 1970’s and the whole TM movement. The idea is that if as little as 1% of a population sends positive energy to reduce crime, the rate of violence will go down. Now, there are conflicting research reports as to the validity to the hypothesis.  But, it seems like an excellent idea, doesn’t it?

Not being of the Transcendental Meditation persuasion, I like the ring of “Supernal Effect” better. This is when people individually pray for their cities and states. The collective positive energy raises the vibrations of the population. Just as illness disappears within a body when the energetic value is elevated, the lower vibrations of violence can perhaps be lifted and diffused. Of course, this is only a theory, but I believe there are many like-minded people understanding the power of the collective conscious.

I begin my mornings with prayer and meditation. I ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and pray for the people in my bundle. Then I pray for Los Angeles, because I live here. I visualize angels and a calming energy permeating the community. I attempt to send out a high vibration of love. I also send calming thoughts to the many fault lines that lie under the city and tell them to move gently. I mean, what can it hurt? If there are  other people (and I know of at least two) who are doing the same thing, then perhaps the Supernal Effect is coming into play to bring the crime rate down.

Can’t prove it, but wouldn’t it be a wonderful experiment if more people consciously prayed for their communities on a daily basis? Let’s spread the Supernal Effect

Have a lovely day–

Dana Taylor

The Supernal Approach to Birth & Death

Entering and exiting life isn’t easy. Learning to work with the Ever-Flowing Streams :Tapping Into Healing Energy can make the journey smoother.

As my daughter, Sara, neared the delivery of her first child three years ago, we made sure I arrived in St. Louis a few days before her due date. A few days turned into three weeks. The final stages of pregnancy are a trial–uncomfortable in every way. Images of beached whales come to mind. Aching back, swollen legs, internal plumbing challenges, false contractions. Ugh. Sara was grateful for her mama’s healing hands. Back and foot rubs, soothing essential oils and energy treatments got her through.

“Mom,” she has said, “I’m so grateful you were there during those last days.” I was in the delivery room, too, sending energy into every contraction of a 27 hour labor. Of course, the prize was well worth it. Our darling, Will, is the light of our lives.

Exiting life can also require much caregiving. The worth of sending healing energy is beyond measure. Both my parents had long goodbyes. Their dining room was transformed into a hospice room, complete with a hospital bed and walker. During one week of 2007, my Dad charged through the stages of dying laid out in the hospice pamphlet. Despite morphine and growing weakness, he exhibited obvious pain by thrashing and calling for help. I was an energy worker on the front lines.

Interestingly, I used the same techniques to usher him out of the world–foot rubs, essential oils, energy treatments–as I used to coax my grandson into life.  At the height of Dad’s discomfort, I stood at his head and prayed calming energy into his body until he quieted into sleep. I’m grateful that I had been shown the tools of energy work and prayer to ease him through the passage. My husband and I watched Dad take his last breaths in the home he had loved for so long. His spirit appeared to float out of his lips and towards heaven.

In a few months, I look forward to welcoming Will’s little sister into this world. There are bound to be plenty of back rubs and energy treatments for her mama before delivery day. The wheel of life will continue when Little Sister takes that first gulp of air and begins her earthly journey.

I can hardly wait to show her life as a grand Supernal Adventure!

Read more about incorporating proactive prayer and energy work into your daily life in Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping into Healing Energy. Paperback version available at   ebook at Amazon


Is there such a thing as “distance healing”?

Supernal Living Part III

One of my Supernal Friends, Paula, was healed of an “incurable” disease in 2005 (See Supernal Friends Page) and has gone on to learn and practice energy healing for others. In the past few months word-of-mouth referrals have kept her phone ringing. She rarely meets clients in person. She sends healing energy. A man called her, asked questions and paid for a session. She hung up the phone and did a healing session for him. A couple days later he called to apologize. The appointment had been a “setup.” He didn’t believe in distance healing and wanted to prove it to his girlfriend. Much to his surprise, his condition improved and he thought he owed Paula an apology.

 You can’t really blame the guy. The truth is energy healing is hard enough to buy when a practitioner is in the same room running hands near the physical body. But long distance? How can that be? That’s where multi-dimensional thinking comes in. Quantum physics identifies working in realms that are “non-local.” Electrons take a “quantum leap” from one place to another without actually moving through space. I can only conjecture, but distance healing really is no distance at all. The energy worker simply taps into a “non-local” dimension and is able to connect. It’s possible to train the mind to tap into information streaming in unseen dimensions and transmit healing energy.

 This is not anything new. The old word for it is “prayer.” Last week a boy, Dale Ostrander, was sucked out into the ocean off the shore of Long Beach, WA. He went under the water before the horrified eyes of his church youth group. They fell to their knees on the sand and prayed as the rescue workers recovered the “lifeless” body. People at the scene say he didn’t take a breathe for at least fifteen minutes. Once at the hospital, a faint pulse was found and Dale made a “miraculous” recovery. You can read the story and see pictures here. His parents are convinced the power of prayer is responsible for the saving of their son. I agree. The immediate tapping into the “Ever-Flowing Streams,” as I’ve dubbed them, and perhaps calling forth unseen helpers (angels? Holy Spirit?) seems as likely an explanation as any.

Ever-Flowing Streams devotes a section to the meeting of science and spirituality. Learn to tap into “non-local” healing energy through Supernal Living.